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  1. I have same setup. But #30 reel so more room for mono. I have a good 300 yds of mono (20lbs) and 4 colours of lead core on one rod and 6 colours of lead core on the other. I then run about 20 ft of Flurocarbon leader (15 lbs) to swivel... Newbie also, but so far this year those rods have caught more for me that downrigger or dipsy diver...Probably need to learn more on using de dipsy and downrigger before drawing any conclusions
  2. Our launches are open as well as marinas. Thanks for the suggestion capt Vince
  3. Hi all, I am a new member and new to lake Ontario fishing. I would like to fish out of St Catharines. How does one get some usefull info as to where in general to head out on the lake to fish? Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Hi I love fishing and this is my first attempt at fishing the Great Lakes. I purchased a Legend Xtreme 18 with 115 HP. I have new trolling rods and downriggers. I fish out of Jordan Harbour marina looking for any information that will help thanks
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