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  1. Got it. I was thinking about using a Sam’s pro release on a church planer board. The pro releases don’t pinch the line and when it “releases” the board would just slide on the line until it hits a bead before the lure. It seems to me that this would be a pretty safe set up for 19 strand. Thanks for your insight
  2. Good to hear! Are you running it off of planers? If so, how are you attaching the 19 strand to board? Thanks
  3. Hey all. Is anybody using 19 strand backer and attaching it to a planer board? If so, how are you attaching it? Also, what knot are you using for the wire to weighted steel? Thanks
  4. Do you back it with 19 strand? If yes, and run with planer boards, how do you attach to the planer?
  5. I thinking about running something similar on Ninja planer boards. What knots do you use for the wire to steel and wire to braid? How many trips and is the 19 strand still holding up? 1000’ of wire plus 200’ of WS should fit perfectly on my saltist 50’s so I might just skip the braid. Thanks
  6. Hey. I recently purchased a couple of saltist 50lc’s and would like to set them up with weighted steel and a wire backer. How are you connecting the 19 strand to your planner boards? Should I go with a 200 and a 250 or maybe a 150 and a 200? Thanks
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