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  1. Hi, I've got my boat all pulled apart so I've decided to install a ram on the kicker motor so I'll have the AP on both motors, I figure its easier to do all the hydraulic lines at once and get it over with..... Our marina in Ontario will be closed until the Covid lock down is over (May20th) so I've got some time to get this project completed. I hear you about fishing solo, I do that 80% of the time and things get hairy when two riggers go off at the same time on a wind day.
  2. Hey dt5150, have you had a chance to test the AP while the stern drive is running? I’ve taken the plunge, purchased the Raymarine EV150 and hydraulic cylinder for my kicker, both motors will be hydraulic steer with AP capability, I’ll keep you posted on how it works out!
  3. How did you make out, what AP are you using and what size helm pump did you install.
  4. Ok so I spoke with my local Raymarine dealer and Raymarine tech support, non of the auto pilot systems will operate a stern drive unit with power assist unless the motor is running (power assist is operating). The ultimate autopilot system for a stern drive with power assist and a kicker motor would by hydraulic steering with an isolation valve to switch the helm from the stern drive to the kicker(with a hydraulic cylinder) This setup would allow the autopilot to control either motor. A multi year project for my budget..... Tight lines fellas
  5. Ok, so back to working on the boat. I've had a good look at mounting a bracket back there and I'd have to remove the motor to do it, to much work for me right now. So if I install the Seastar HC5328-3 on the power assist ram will the autopilot be able to move the sterndrive without the engine running, I have a kicker motor linked to the sterndrive with an EZ steer bar.
  6. Hi Guys, I've been reading through your post as I'm planning on moving from the stock cable steer to hydraulic steering on my Grew Profisher with a Merc sterndrive to accommodate an autopilot . I've determined the Seastar cylinder HC5328 will fit on my power steering actuator but I have to remove it to install due to limited space. I've discovered my actuator is leaking so now I have to replace it prior to installing the Seastar cylinder. Question for you, is it possible to remove the entire Merc power steering assembly; the actuator, cooler and pump and just have a hydraulic cylinder back there to control the outdrive? I'm wonder how the steering would feel, with the current system there is no effort to steer the boat. I currently use an Ezsteer bar to link my kicker to the sterndrive so if I stay with the power steering system I would not benefit from the power steering when trolling but the hydraulic system will still have to move the steering actuator without help from the power steering pump. Any input would be greatly appreciated
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