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  1. Never been up to Bluffers are before but, We go out of Cobourg. Winds must be 5 km or less to be pretty good fishing or else its a mess. Take some Gravol before you leave home. I always do. You must be sea worthy to the big lake. We usually start out in 75 Fow. Feet of water. Set down riggers one high at 35 the other down to 65. Always keep a good distance in the spread. More coloms of water you can work the better your chances. Spoons on the riggers and we run 2 Dipsey divers out, 1 on each side at setting 2.5 to widen the path, Back at 250 to 275 feet of stranded wire with Spin doctor flasher or Fin Tails with Fly or Meat rigs. The Long Centre rod uses Lead core strait out the back, put all 10 colours down to get in the 30 ish layer . Put on a chrome silver gold wabler or Lucky strike , even a squid bait works. Hopefully you cantry some of these ideas and get into a Big King. We pulled a 24 pounder just a few weeks ago , way out in 225 Fow off a down rigger set at 125 down .Pay attention to the depths on the counter on Down rigger .Forget the # on the Reel. A temperature probe is a Key to find them in there climate zone. Our Moore temp probe found high 40 to mid 50 temps at 125 down . Fish ON. Look on the fish finder for big schools of bait fish too. Alot to Learn but keep it simple put down a few rods a troll around. Dont crowd other boats, Keep away a good 500 feet or more. Some folks run really long lines. and not to happy when snags set off. Best of Luck and let me know how you do!!
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