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  1. IMO Russell's method of lead weights is old school thinking.  Will it work, yes. 


    A much better mousetrap is to use Lure Jensen Deep Six divers on braided line with line counter reels.  Works much better, with the only downside being the cost of the divers (Not really a big deal for most salmon fisherman).  


    Try it you will like it.


    Deep Six™ | Luhr-Jensen (rapala.com)



  2. I was hoping to get some intel for fishing Kings July 4th week.  I currently have a place reserved in Olcott, but I was at a fishing show recently and a guy at one of the booths said that week is traditionally not great for kings.  He said that time of year is mainly steelhead out of that port.  


    I am driving 9 hours to get to Olcott and want to go to a port with the best opportunity.  i can change my plans and go farther east if that is what is needed.  If the Candian shoreline is better that time of year, I can do that as well.  


    I'm hoping maybe I was given some bad info; I don't know.  


    thank you

  3. I tried some Lyman 2" and 4" plugs yesterday in Ontario central basin of Lake Erie.  All I can say is wow!!  These things catch Steely and Walleye.


    Just 2 of us yesterday running 4 rods (2 riggers and 2 Chinook #3 high divers) went 14-16 on Bows and over 40 walleye (all before noon).  Incredible day


    Moonshine spoons certainly did some catching but Lyman's were very impressive, especially behind the diver with 6' lead.  


    I would say the 4" did a little better than the 2" but it was close.  Huge walleye came on those 2".  


    We were trolling anywhere from 2.2 to 3.2 mph at the ball.  


    I had no idea on these lures until yesterday.  


    I do think the front treble hook on the 4" lure could be removed without changing the hook up success.  We also put a split ring on the front to connect to swivel.  


    Just wanted to post because I'm sure these lures would be equally effective on Lake O.  

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  4. On 4/26/2023 at 5:48 PM, fisherman21 said:

    Here is the answer you are looking for for your size 1 chinook running shallow for spring fishing. 30lb braid on your size 20 reel. Then tie in a 5 to 7 ft piece of 14 to 17lb mono and attach a quality swivel. The swivel will attach to the diver. Off the back end of the diver you will run a 5 to 10 foot leader of 12lb fluorocarbon, swivels on both ends (one connected to the diver and the other connects to the lure). 

    Move the weight to the outside holes on both divers. 

    If you are running in 10ft, set the rod to 10 on the reel counter. If you are running 15th, set the rod to 15 on the reel counter…….and so on. 

    You are not running a snubber with these small diver while fishing skinny water. No need.



    May I ask why you attach mono before the diver?  I’ve always done braid right to diver

  5. 15 hours ago, 13owhunter said:

    I'm running the mag ring without the heavy weight and have no problem getting down 80+ foot which is not as deep as a big deeper diver.  The mag weight is pretty heavy.  Probably more so than a DD.  Haven't needed to get down much more that that yet this season. I am getting somewhere between 2.5 and 3 to 1 ratio depending on current and speed.  Don't be afraid to run a long lead.  I'm running 40 foot of 40# mono and a 7 foot leader with good results. Check leader after every trip and pay close attention to any burs or slight defects in manufacturing on the SD.  I had one where the line would rub in a few spots that required a bit of sanding to true up.  I think you'll get more bites than with a 6 or 7 foot lead. 

    Do you ever have an issue where the Slide Diver doesn't hold where you set it?  I can't seem to get mine to hold.  I am also using 40 pound test line.  

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