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  1. thanks for the info. anything will help, it will give us a starting point at least. Thanks again and good luck.
  2. Looking to head out of Wilson. Have not fished Lake O in about 6 - 7 years. Fish hawk is not working for some odd reason. Would some one be willing to provide me with a good starting point and depth? Anything will help. Thanks and good luck to all who are going out tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day.
  3. Thanks Darrell, I will ship it out to you one day this week. Tony
  4. Darrell. Haven't been on this site in a while. But we own the Smart Troll 1st Gen. To be honest with you, we have had issues since day 1. My buddy is an IT guy, he tried to get it working for us and still to date we could not get it to connect properly. We spent close to $1000 for the kit w/ paddle wheel and a total of 4 other sensors. I would love to trade in the older 1st Gen model for the Smart Troll II. If possible if we could work out a deal for an even greater discount since we have had so many issues with the current model. Thank you for your time and cooperation. I look forward to hearing back from you. Tony
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