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  1. New Majestic trolling spoons from Etic. Thanks James Smith check em out and the rest of line up… https://t.co/JrDZNKrQlh

  2. Bloodrun tackle flourocarbon Leadcore wire mono and coppers keeping the team scooping- Thank you… https://t.co/e12lQBpfoE

  3. 5/7/17 Canandaigua Lake Today was the second FLTA Tournament of the year. It was another tough… https://t.co/YSwm9JwpW7

  4. Gearing up for our tournament of the year. After we came in 2nd -just .06 ounces out of first at… https://t.co/E5LjKu2Uuq

  5. Prefishing Seneca Lake for upcoming FLTA tournament day 2 of prefishing. Team Member Scott… https://t.co/2Mu6YqiuQO

  6. RS Nets! Anyone looking for a quality built net here you go. Built strong built to last and… https://t.co/zE2axhqUmD

  7. Product review- RS Nets I have scooped thousands of fish in my lifetime, everything from pan… https://t.co/f13W94tFMH

  8. 4/13/17 Team Blind Squirrel finally got out for the first time of the 2017 season. This trip… https://t.co/fCr6XnyWuS

  9. 4/4/17 Lake Ontario report - first of the season team member Capt Steve Drave. Met Capt. Rich… https://t.co/XAyIibdO1Y

  10. 24 hours left to transfer over to new page... This one will be gone Permentaly tomarrow https://t.co/KRPiQUFWHV

  11. The cold morning spring air putting chill on your fingertips as you start to set rods. Sun… https://t.co/VAfody47c9

  12. Lake Ontario salmon caught with blind squirrel - iron Duke trolling fly getting it done!… https://t.co/4TNzvH1HJj

  13. 10 days left before page is deleted Make sure to follow new page... https://t.co/ZyoRtF8STa

  14. https://t.co/J7WZZZCHCl

  15. Welcome to Rochester New York severe high winds with gusts up to 81 mph telephone poles snapped… https://t.co/pGbFKRhPm9

  16. UPDATE the Blind Squirrel logo is complete and Sporting on our NEW TOURNAMENT ANGLING TEAM… https://t.co/79PZWCDulc

  17. https://t.co/KAbq0OZxgE

  18. Had the opportunity to visit Hybrid Lures yesterday. We are very impressed with the quality of… https://t.co/gzgknYUs08

  19. Getting ready for 2017 - 6 dozen tournament tied trolling fly harnesses relay to go. Go bloodrun… https://t.co/uOSSoTbn5r

  20. 3 Pcs Majestik Spoon kits https://t.co/MPdAXHFkFx

  21. Check em out https://t.co/1DEAS02lz8

  22. Etic USA is happy to announce the release of the New 3' Cobra Spoon... The 3' Cobra spoon is in stock on our web... https://t.co/oC6VL7HKL5

  23. Tournament team update https://t.co/lvyRRL6JS3

  24. Check em out https://t.co/0LapArs4VH

  25. Right! https://t.co/LSGWFHN2PB

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