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  1. I will definitely contact John about the canvas. I’m more concerned with the bubbled gel coat and all the melted parts that need replacing. (Port hole window, rub rail etc.Any good all around boat repair places? Is Great Lakes boat repair still in business?

  2. Where’s the best place near Rochester ny to get a boat with fire damage repaired? The boat in the slip next to mine caught fire. My gel coat is blistered pretty bad, windshield gasket is melted, rub rail is melted, cabin window is completely melted, canvass(John Mann did the original)and a few other things that might add up. The insurance company hasn’t estimated it yet. Of course the other guy has no insurance. Just trying to get a Juno on it. Probably won’t be able to get anything done this year with everyone so busy.


  3. I didn’t know if the internal antenna would be a factor in the fluctuation. I have a couple of older Garmin units that use an external antenna that have very little fluctuation and read 0.0 mph when tied to the dock. I don’t like using the Fish Hawk when I’m trolling in 10 to 15 feet of water over rocky bottom. 

  4. I have a Humminbird 597 ci hd that I’m using just for the GPS so I have the sonar turned off. When I’m trolling the gps speed fluctuates up to 1.5 mph. Even when tied up to the dock it will read .2 to .5 mph steadily. I’m wondering if anyone else has run into this problem that might have some insight on a fix. 
     Thanks Rick

  5. How often should plugs be changed? Boat is used mainly for fishing so it’s at trolling speed 90% if the time. It’s a 1987 350 Chevy mercruiser with a little over 5000 hours. It still runs fine but the plugs have not been touched in a few years. Is it a “ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” thing?

  6.  Has anyone had any experience with this unit?. I would be using it mainly for the GPS as I'm using a Helix 7 (no gps) now. I realize it has the external antenna but I already have GPS antenna mount now. Mainly concerned about how the mapping works and ease of use. Also if the map cards are readily available.

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