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  1. There's been fish in certain tribs for 2 weeks now, East of Toronto has the majority, crowded with guys though.
  2. Agree with BK, BPS has a very limited selection, and some of their prices are actually higher then the smaller, private shops.
  3. As well as Port Dalhousie, in St. Catherines, all summer long(seen them up to 12 lbs)
  4. SkeinMachine

    33 lb King, July 16/2011 North Shore..........

    Thx Bob, the photoshop war needs another player again too, Mr. Fish Stix
  5. SkeinMachine

    33 lb King, July 16/2011 North Shore..........

    Understatement SW II, understatement
  6. SkeinMachine

    Port Dalousie

    Browns & Bows are being taken daily,along the wall. Expect alot of company(banging elbows ) too.
  7. SkeinMachine

    Olcott 10-10-10

    Sucks Tim,our pierhead Kings are 99% done up here now....................
  8. I was off the lighthouse(east side) this past Friday night(Oct 8th),looks like 99% of the Kings have moved up. I chucked lures for 3 hrs(21:00-midnight),not a single fish jumped or hooked........... Try the morning dawn shift now,coho bows and browns are starting to slip in...
  9. 33 lb hen from Friday night past(1 ounce pink stripe glo Pete's spoon).......
  10. Pier chuckin glow spoons from the past month.....
  11. SkeinMachine

    Pro/Am Sponsorship A-TOM-MIK

    Hey Tom, thanks for getting us together a few weeks ago to fish the "2010 Feed The Fry" Tournament(benefits to Port Dalhousie net pens), your involvement around the lake speaks for itself Team LiveWire
  12. Our thoughts Shirley,I'm floored
  13. Tim,you need to test that rod/reel on the Niagara with a green King