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  1. With the open water season coming up, now would be a good time to check the dates on your flares & fire extinguishers.  Don't be caught on a boat check and then complain about it later.  Worse yet, go to use them and they don't work. Have a safe and enjoyable season!!!


  2. Bob glad you posted this...not sure you have heard but we just lost to boys in my town (Mt Olive NJ) who fell thru the ice at budd lake. The boys were friends of my son. Needless to say our community is devistated....I would like to see safety videos etc shown to all kids starting in grade school. Especially if you live in an area where there are a lot of lakes and streams.

    thanks tony

    Thank you Tony, please feel free to include this link to anyone you may be in contact with who likes to ice fish or just as a safety video to anyone who may be interested.  Like you say, it would be nice to have this video shown in ALL grade schools. Good info!!!

  3. You can always buy from retail! It is always hard to please everyone. I have baught many things off this site and have lost some as well. Someone has to be first! Negative comments are not good for the site. The idea of the site is for fisherman and women helping others. LOTSA shows and flea markets are great. places to get used goods.  We have enough negativity in our world we shouldn't make our fishing forum negative as well! 

    True, thanks ;)

    And thank you to everyone else for the positive comments

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