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  1. I totally agree. It's an excellent base to start with. As long as ya don't call it "soup". LOL
  2. I'm going to miss your wonderful comments on this thread Mark. You were my biggest supporter. I hope you took the recipe with you for the good folks on the other side. LOL Rest In Peace Mark, we're all gonna miss you here.
  3. Mark was one heck of a great guy & fisherman. He had a fantastic sense of humor and really enjoyed smoking the fish he caught and other meat. He'll be terribly missed by us all.
  4. When the he11 are people gonna wake up.....
  5. OK guys. Some of you had your fun & some had their say. Please back off and let the guy sell his boat.
  6. Glad you enjoyed the "Adirondack Salmon Chowder" Salmon soup just don't sound right LOL
  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence Sk8man.
  8. Big Spoon, Wow, I'm so glad this thread is still going strong. I'm also happy to hear your comment. It made my Christmas Day. Now I'm hungry for some Adirondack Salmon Chowder.
  9. Another reason to just say NO!............................ https://climatechangedispatch.com/wind-turbines-destroy-habitats/
  10. Actually it's time for people to start thinking outside of the box. There's more to energy than wind, nuclear, oil, coal, etc. With the proven Standard Particle Theory of the Higgs Boson last year we are another step toward harnessing the power of our universe. Peter Higgs theorized the boson in the early 60's and it was finally proven mathematically to exist last year. He was honored with the Nobel Prize. Will we ever see the fruition of harnessing this power? Probably not in our lifetimes and probably not without being bought up by big business thru the world. Millions have been spent on particle accelerators throughout the world & it's about time for the world to admit it's possible. There's more to life................THINK!!!
  11. & we'll all live in a polluted society. Not for me.................
  12. At what point do you think it's acceptable for revenue and destroying the environment over what we all enjoy and try to conserve on our Great Lakes?
  13. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas to you and all the other great fisherpersons on this site. God Bless & Happy New Year too.
  14. GREAT NEWS Mike!!! I had a Depth Raider probe stolen from my rig once so I know how it feels. Throw the book at 'em
  15. I'm in Florida right now and you guys are making my mouth water for some Adirondack Salmon Chowder. I'm looking forward to this coming salmon season out of Oswego again this year. <3
  16. Thanks for the update on this guys. It's not a dead issue and we need to keep everyone advised on what's going on. Good job!!!
  17. Sorry DJ, it's been on the back burner for quite a while now. Just can't find the time to put it all together. One of these days.................
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