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    DANG, Nice one!!!
  2. I like pretzels, especially chocolate covered, but they make me fart
  3. Les, a 5 gal. bucket just doesn't work that well for the ladies. I have no idea why.
  4. With the open water season coming up, now would be a good time to check the dates on your flares & fire extinguishers. Don't be caught on a boat check and then complain about it later. Worse yet, go to use them and they don't work. Have a safe and enjoyable season!!!
  5. It's amazing what they will overlook if you're friendly to them & let them check you out without giving them a hassle.
  6. Now do you think that after Mrs. Biden shot off her 2 rounds in the double barrel shotgun she now stands there with an empty firearm while the perp is coming thru the front door with an illegal Uzi. Yup, good move Joey.
  7. Read the rules BEFORE you either post a thread OR if you are replying to a thread, THEN make your decision if you want to do it. Plain & Simple.
  8. Ahhh, I should have known it was something like that.
  9. Well, looks like 1-1:30 is too late for some so folks are going to be there noon or after. I won't be able to get there till around 1 so whatever time ya feel like showing up is it. See ya there.
  10. No official count yet Mark. Yes, General Tso is waiting patiently.
  11. Here's Part 2 for anyone interested. And Part 3
  12. Thank you Tony, please feel free to include this link to anyone you may be in contact with who likes to ice fish or just as a safety video to anyone who may be interested. Like you say, it would be nice to have this video shown in ALL grade schools. Good info!!!
  13. Hope ya have a Happy Birthday today Glen
  14. Do you buy them at the factory? I live in Yorkville and make it thru Barneveld quite a bit. I didn't know you can buy them there. Thanks
  15. Have a great day Tom. Happy Birthday!!!
  16. LOL, I don't know how ya do it Tom, but good one.
  17. VERY good news Tom. Nice going!!! I'm looking forward to AM Teams also.
  18. muskybob

    LOU Get Together

    We'll be meeting in front of the Fish Tank around 1-1:30PM. Not a formal meeting, just to see old friends and meet new ones from L.O.U. Wives & girlfriends like to browse the mall inside while the rest of us max out our credit cards.
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