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  1. Dang, this thread took more turns than a cat runnin with a can tied to it's tail. We mods were watchin so it didn't get out of hand, but glad to see that you handled things as gentlemen. Agree or disagree, it's your prerogative and good to hear different points of view. This site is the best.
  2. Ditto what they said Try Peanut Oil too. Best oil for frying fish
  3. Hi Vince I got a message from Hank saying he is no longer coordinator and asked to be removed from the list.
  4. Can someone advise who the coordinator is in Olcott. I'd like to update the thread information. Thanks
  5. What length booms are on the Digitrols? 2 Cannon digi-trolls programable great shape. 400.00 each 1 Cannon digi=troll control pad bad, switch installed, works fine.250.00 Thanks, Bob
  6. I can't wait, Vic Leonti (Sliderbite on here) is going to be there with a TON of great stuff. Stop by his table and say Hi to him.
  7. Dang Stan, I'm sorry to hear you're selling out. That's a beautiful rig and the price is right. After I sold my rig I regretted it & still do. We miss your reports out here too. And also miss chatting with you. Good luck & keep us informed on how you're doing.
  8. Thank God she's on the road to recovery.
  9. Congrats Pete. The "can man" is gonna need a bigger bag now I think.
  10. Merry Christmas to you & Laurie & everyone else on the LOU site. It's so great the way everyone tries to help each other. As for the many LURKERS on the site every day, the same goes for you too. Don't be shy. Come on it, the water's fine. We only bite during tournament time Happy New Year To All Also Bob
  11. Merry Christmas Guys!!! Hope to see you in Oswego sometime in the coming year. :beer:
  12. Hey guys, it's that time of year again. Please be safe out there.
  13. No, but I left one there. Thanks again guys
  14. Thanks a lot guys, had a great day in the woods today.
  15. Thanks a lot guys. It's nice to hear the recipe is being passed around. It's my favorite recipe too.
  16. Great thread John. Just because you're moving away doesn't mean we won't be interested in your fishing stories. Remember, we still have Walleye and Warm Water Fishery Forums you can post in. Please keep in touch and tell your friends in SD about our forum. We'd love to have you back. Have a safe journey back home.
  17. Today that creaking sound you hear around the Port Bay area is Hank getting out of bed on his 61st Birthday. Glad to see you made it Hank, Happy Birthday.
  18. Great story!!! I think that was Dr. Lou's (drlfc on here) boy that won it. Great experience for both Dad and son. A memory of a lifetime. Congrats Nick!!!
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