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  1. My Brinkman only has low, med, high. I think the low setting is around 250
  2. Very good. Check out some of the recipes in this forum
  3. Thanks skidoo, tastes even better on them cold Fall & Winter days we've got coming. Stock up on the salmon. Best fishing is here now
  4. Gotcha on f/b but want to get ya here too. Happy Birthday ya young whippersnapper
  5. Fantastic!!! Thanks Tim I sent Chad a note asking to correct the link under "LOU Friends"
  6. Although I didn't get to fish it this year, I was at the weigh in on Sunday to meet some old friends. Everything went off Super. Congrats to the Committee and volunteers for organizing and putting on this age old event. Great job!!! PS: You didn't tell me your team name, but thank you for the salmon. And thank you Tom Allen for the offer. Mighty nice of you guys.
  7. Inside out, then front to back?
  8. I just went thru this thread again & have to say I can't believe the great ideas you guys had for the boards, mast, releases, etc. Keep them equipment ideas coming. We would all like to save a buck when something homemade works with no problems. GREAT JOB!!!
  9. Hmmm, there's something about that red dock that makes people pass out. Pete always wears a seatbelt when he's sittin there for a while.I don't know this to be a fact, but Grey told me it was true. All kidding aside, Pete deserves a big WELL DONE PETE!!! You and your teammate were quick thinking and saved the day. Nice job.
  10. It's been a while, but wondering how you liked it. Time to stock up the freezer for smoking during the Fall/Winter months.
  11. Mark, I fry up all the necessary ingredients right in the stock pot. Takes up less room on the stove & saves me an extra pan I don't have to wash. Mortigan, It's always nice to hear compliments. Thanks for becoming a believer. I'm gonna have to hit both East end ProAms to see if I can get some salmon nobody wants. My freezer is 'bout empty. I miss my Islander
  12. We had a great time taking 1 disabled vet last year. A very memorable experience for us all. I'll be out again this year with Ray K. in Pegasus. Yeah, I know, I'm a glutton for punishment.
  13. Welcome to the site sacorifle. I don't normally redirect others to another site, but if you're interested in fishing N.J. only, you might try this site. http://www.bigfishtackle.com/forum/ Scroll down to N.J. and there's a few there that may be of help to you. Good luck on the water and be safe
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