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  1. DANG, I think all the red in the stands are SF red faces. GO GIANTS!!!
  2. I believe mine had divided compartments for floatation. The plug was to empty the compartment if any water got in ahead of the engine compartment. Just check it once in a while before heading out or when you get it back on the trailer to make sure there's no water in there.
  3. Great pics, welcome to the site. Looking forward to more. Thanks
  4. HEYYYY, cut that out Ya tryin to get me in trouble with Hank? He's the goby king. He's always braggin about his Port Bay Goby Goulash.
  5. That's too bad. He did some nice work and was a great sponsor here on L.O.U. If anyone is in contact with the family, please extend my most sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed.
  6. Great memory. That's part of fishing people rarely hear about around here.
  7. I needed another chuckle so I had to read it again. Great post
  8. I thought this thread was about the Bills?
  9. Apparently you didn't read the post above yours. Call the number listed. Nobody has done anything to your posts. GEEZ
  10. Just wondering about these events and curious as to how much each County contributes financially and if their participation is really necessary for the ProAMs to continue as they were. It would be nice to see a ProAm series put together BY fishermen & FOR fishermen without politics involved. JMHO
  11. Happy Birthday ol man Just a little gift for you, yer gonna need 'em
  12. Thanks Vince, I've been trying to get a breakdown of each port as far as who placed where and the prize they won as far as cash and prizes. Pro AND Open. If folks can't see what the cash & prizes are how are they gonna take an interest in entering. JMHO
  13. :D Great post. I got a good chuckle out of it. THANK YOU for no action shots. If Ray K. ever gets involved in this PLEASE make it a no camera allowed derby.
  14. Welcome to the site Ivan. A lot of us started right where you are as far as equipment. A little bit each year brings you closer & closer to the poor house with the rest of us. We tend to go a little overboard on the latest this or the latest that. Stick to the basics and read a lot on the sub-forums here and you can pick up some good tips. Many of the members are willing to share info on what's what in the area you'll be fishing. An inexpensive handheld radio will help keep touch on the water & is highly recommended as far as safety is concerned. A couple good rod holders for dipsey set ups with wire reels should also be considered for your next purchase. Looking forward to your reports & pics. Good luck on the water.
  15. "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out"
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