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  1. Have a Happy Birthday today Lew. Kick back and relax. Wifey will finish up the HDL. :D
  2. Quit picking on MY Buffalo Bills team. Here's THEIR pin up gal:
  3. Note: They're also reporting gradual increased brightness during the day with gradual darkness approaching nighttime. So make sure to wear your sunglasses during the day & take them off at night. This is a courtesy warning from your friends at LOU
  4. Just a word of caution. This thread has the possibility of becoming over the top if tempers get out of hand. While allowed in General Discussion, please keep your points civil and to the point, and let others draw their own conclusions this November. Be Kind • Be Courteous • Be Respectful Thanks, go for it
  5. Welcome to the site Nick. I was at Fair Haven when you won that Florida trip with your Dad. Nice to see you on the site & look forward to hearing your adventures.
  6. ....and we'll start with guys with no boat that make fun of others
  7. Well salmonchop, for your first post you seem to have a lot to say about how this site is run. My suggestion to you is to start your own site, with NO rules, and pay your own operating expenses. This site has been praised by many who DO appreciate the quality of content and management of the site. Apparently you didn't bother to read the rules, or my previous post about giving leeway before anything is edited/deleted. If in our previous experience, mods find that a post is blatantly ignoring the rules, THEN it is handled in the appropriate manner. We can't please all the people all of the time, but we CAN & DO please most of the people most of the time. Any further suggestions of yours can be sent via PM to the site Admin. which is BlueEye. Be my guest.
  8. What were the payouts? I'm pretty sure they paid out more than 5 places in any division.
  9. I don't know where you get off making a statement like that. If you bothered to read the rules of this site you'd find there are restrictions on what is allowed. It is the job of the Moderators to keep this ship on an even keel & DELETE any posts that do not adhere to the RULES that were supposed to be read when you joined the site. We try to give some leeway where we can but sometimes the rules are blatantly broken, THUS the reason for the deletes. We do not RANDOMLY delete things as you so facetiously stated nor do we drink too much cough syrup as you so ignorantly posted. If you feel the need to question a topic or post that has been edited or deleted, feel free to ASK a Mod or the Admin. via PM. In the interm, Be Kind • Be Courteous • Be Respectful
  10. muskybob

    Hank - L&M

    The guy you always see riding his bike around Port Bay
  11. The '87's back end looks bigger because it's an outboard, no doghouse.
  12. muskybob

    Hank - L&M

    Dang, he's gonna need a bigger hat by the time this thread is done. Great guy & a personal friend. I can't say enough good about him
  13. Nick, I really do think he had a great time. It was a concerted effort by EVERYONE that made it so much fun & a great success. I'm also glad LakeOntarioUnited.com was helpful in spreading the word and making it easier to get the info out. LOU folks are the best.
  14. GEEZ Mike, & here I thought you were born BEFORE the wheel was invented.
  15. Ginger ale & crackers work well, No med to take. Also like the others said, keep your eyes on the horizon & keep 'em moving, not on the deck
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