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  1. Many of these items are still available. If you're interested in anything, please contact Richard Bullen thru the PM feature on this site. Good luck on the water this year guys!!!
  2. Glad to hear it Stan. Can't wait to see your reports again. I know it's been a while, but try to keep yer planer boards off the shore.
  3. LS, hope ya still know how to do that Good luck ol buddy
  4. Nice to see you guys are still cookin up goodness. Glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Great show. Very informative and intelligent discussion. Nice job Bill and Vince. Thanks for posting!!!
  6. Oh man, that really gets my heart pumpin. Been a long time since I've heard the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Nice job on the trailer and good luck with the show.
  7. Sure is great to see you on the board Stan. Hope all is well out on the left coast. Keep in touch.
  8. Topic Moderated..............This is not a high school chat site..............Please act according to the Rules when posting............mb
  9. Thanks guys!!! I'm still kickin myself for sellin my boat Never thought I'd miss it this much. & "anytime" yer right!!! Freezer is EMPTY Been eatin pizza for the last year
  10. If anyone is looking to get rid of their salmon after the Sunday weigh-in I'd appreciate some. Thanks
  11. I have two Okumas I'm selling for my Cuz. One is mounted on a 10' rod. Check it out in our classifieds, http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/45193-lots-of-misc-fishing-gear-for-sale/ If you're interested, send me a PM please. Bob
  12. This group could still use your support, please join & help everyone keep informed. https://www.facebook.com/groups/219814248144/
  13. Ditto to all the above. When I first started salmon fishing quite some time ago, I posted a thread looking to buy a depth finder. Dave H. from Team Dreamweaver sold me a nice Humminbird and included in the shipping box spoons, dodgers, and some other neat stuff at no charge. I was pleasently surprised and very thankful. Thru the years I've heard similar stories from the guys on this site and am so proud to be a member of this site. I've made many very good friends from the connections I've made salmon fishing. Your $20 for Pro Membership helps keep the site going. Thank you to everyone for making this site the very best it can be.
  14. muskybob

    for sale : usa 2005 Crestliner 19.5 Sportfish

    Still a great looking rig Stan. Best of luck selling her.
  15. Welcome to the site. There's a wealth of knowledge in the various sub-forums here so you have your hands full for a while. Bunch of great folks willing to share knowledge and pics with everyone. Brown fishing is spectacular in early Spring and is some of the best in the country. Fishing really heats up when the Kings start hitting on the West end of the lake and really blossoms as the Kings move closer to shore & on the East end. It is sooooooo addictive Kick back, read, enjoy the pics and videos, and don't hesitate to ask questions. We look forward to YOUR fishing reports and pics.
  16. This is an excellent article on "The 12 Volt Side of Life" http://www.marxrv.com/12volt/12volt.htm I switched my rv over to two 6 volt batteries & couldn't believe the difference compared to the 1 12v deep cycle battery I had been using. Granted, the 6's are a lot heavier, but worth it for my application. Good reading
  17. Dang, that surprised even me. Good job ol friend. PS: Yer still a L.O.U.S.E.R.
  18. Glad to hear you're experimenting with it. Makes an excellent base for whatever yer puttin in it. Makes great corn chowder too.
  19. We can't ever let our guard down on this. Glad to see you guys keep up on things too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/219814248144/
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