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  1. After this auction ends I’ll be placing two more on and a few more items since I got my fist bid today. I should actually be thanking troubles. I was selling these 125 each with rods here till he hoped I got ripped off. thanks again my man!
  2. I suppose you want me to disassemble the drag stack next…..
  3. Ok so the other side did not take long at all. wow these things look brand new inside
  4. So I can take the other side off if you want me to but these were maintained yearly (meaning the guts were taken out and oiled religiously every year)
  5. Yes that is correct please shut this down. thanks
  6. That is correct. I will no longer be selling here and have taken this to eBay. like I say I know I messed the post up but did not screw anyone over. I sold two rod and reels combos and he got a good deal which is what my intentions were selling here. Im sure he was more than happy to pay 250 for two tekotas spooled with wire amd 9’6 Daiwa firewolf rods. And I was more than happy to sell em for that. To hear a father and son getting back on the water and know I sold em those reels at a great price was a good feeling for me. I’m no dummy I knew what I was doing selling at the prices I was selling at. Trying to just get rid of this stuff sitting around to a community of local fisherman like me at a realistic price. so when they now sell for 350 (reels only mind you) for a set we all know who to thank here.
  7. You know what… I like that idea ill take this to eBay instead sorry for the internet hero above but I don’t need people wishing me to get screwed because I messed up a posting. thought this would be the best place as this community has been so good to me but I’m not risking someone making anew account to steal stuff from me.
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 thanks man appreciate it the funny thing is I don’t need to sell any of this and if it sits in my basement I’m fine with that.
  9. I know man you are correct my apologies. It’s totally My fault. if I can sell everything at once it would be preferable but I understand not everyone needs everything. so in the end it may have been a **** post to start with the way I did but hopefully some will be very happy in the end.
  10. I know man you are correct my apologies. It’s totally My fault. if I can sell everything at once it would be preferable but I understand not everyone needs everything. so in the end it may have been a **** post to start with the way I did but hopefully some will be very happy in the end.
  11. Only person getting scammed here would be me if someone does not show up with the cash everyone here can view my previous posts when I was selling the boat in 2018. many of you probably have crossed paths with me on the water in tourneys pro ams derby blah blah blah… im just as hesitant this day and age to meet people selling **** online so the comment is understandable. Oh well the guy who offered to take it all will get a steal of a deal.
  12. Fly lots 75 ea containing 20 flies or all for 250. flies do not have most hardware as I tied my own. 600 copper 175accudepth 9’6 rod 345gt reel 400 copper 150accudepth 9’6 rod 340 gt 300 copper 125 Daiwa firewolf 9’6 rod 230 gt Or all for $400 23 flashers per lot 175 ea or both for 300 4 Tekota 600lc on eagle claw 8’6 rods 125 ea. 2 accudepth 47 lc rigger rods and 1 accudepth wire roller rod lot 100 4 color core accudepth 47 lc eagle claw rod 10 color core accudepth 57 lc eagle claw rod 10 color core (I think) accudepth 47lc eagle claw rod Cores 50 each all for 120 This stuff is used so yes there is some wear and tear on it. A clicker here and there may not work. Now I mentioned electronics before however I left transducer, stand, and power cables for the finder in the boat so I don’t really think it’s worth mentioning but I will just in case. Lowrance lms 337c gps dual frequency 250 I guess I’ll let it go for Same goes for my fish hawk…. Left the power supply on the boat as well as the case she slides in to. So unless in dash mounted would need to try to find the round case to mount it on top of a dashboard not in it next to the speedometer. 250 for that Pms only guys much easier to sort that way. Prefer local but let’s see what we can work out. I will not be responding to anyone until Monday in case someone wants everything for 1500 but will go in order of pms received. Sorry this turned out to be a mess but hopefully some are still interested. I’m sorry if anyone feels they got skipped or over looked so this is why I’m giving clear instruction that I will only be responding to pms.
  13. Well it’s not the last tackle on earth however you def will not find some of the spoons in stores. I know this post seems like a disaster and it is. That is my fault. I shoulda prepared prior to posting. tomorrow when I list the lots I will probably only accept pm offers as it’s much easier for me to manage.
  14. I will be working on this Saturday morning… sorry for the delay guys
  15. I can get a quote for you on shipping. im sorry guys that I haven’t responded to many on certain items is because I am currently negotiating with pms. I have two Tekota to part with still fishin fool and the planers. tekotas 125 each and planers for 25 for the set. on a side note I did meet with someone today to sell two tekotas to see I’m serious to sell. I also explained if there are any issues to co tact me to make it right.
  16. Ok so after a little inspection of the riggers I’m missing the bases and the battery side of the cable that I forgot to take off the boat before I let it go. Whoops. jimi I’ll send ya some pics later but I’m thinking 75 each. They are old beat up but worked last time the boat was out. Up to you.
  17. Hey guys, after seeing the response on this I am going to be re evaluating how I go about this. I will still honor all questions and inquiry’s however some of the questions being asked are pretty specific so I will be listing small lots to this post. Please be patient and I will follow up here shortly. so far 2 tekotas are spoken for
  18. Ok guys thanks for the responses however I must admit this was not what I expected…. Due to responses in post and pms I will be going in order of responses. I need to do a little research for pricing so please be patient. I don’t wanna rip myself or anyone else off or be priced too high or too low. I just got home and took some quick pics. Maybe I should be selling an item at a time idk I’ve never done this before 🤷‍♂️
  19. I am located in Rochester NY but will travel to reasonable places along the shore line if needed. please let me post pics of everything to take a look. the Tekotas are 600lcs i have several leadcore setups also. I’ll put a rush on this and take some pics tonight! the 400 copper is on a pen reel I just forget the model I apologize but will take pics this evening. thanks again guys.
  20. After several years off of the water I have decided I will not be returning. This is great news for anyone looking to buy something in the trolling field as I have a ton of stuff from downriggers to electronics. I will be adding a list here with pics however if there is anything you are looking for hit me up. off the top of my head I have 4 riggers older cannon mag 10s Thousands of spoons mostly nk shimano Tekota levelwinds for rigger rods and wire rods planer boards both inline and the larger ones for planer lines. 300-400-600 coppers on penn reels. probably close to 40 rods of different males. like I say will be adding to the list in the next couple days with photos and if you think of anything you need or are looking for hit me up here first.
  21. So the boat does not have an hours meter so I do not have a real estimate of hours. Was a trolling vessel on Lake Ontario since new. Not every weekend she was used but probably most. I am the third owner I know of. Motor was maintained yearly. Trailer was rebuilt in 14 I believe. New lines, bearings cylinders and two of 4 tires. The boat is a project boat no questions asked. I think she’s in the neighborhood of 3500lbs or so. Used to tow it with my 95 Tahoe.
  22. Pap- I already sent you pics and you didn’t like the design of the back of the boat?
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