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  1. So the boat does not have an hours meter so I do not have a real estimate of hours. Was a trolling vessel on Lake Ontario since new. Not every weekend she was used but probably most. I am the third owner I know of. Motor was maintained yearly. Trailer was rebuilt in 14 I believe. New lines, bearings cylinders and two of 4 tires. The boat is a project boat no questions asked. I think she’s in the neighborhood of 3500lbs or so. Used to tow it with my 95 Tahoe.
  2. Pap- I already sent you pics and you didn’t like the design of the back of the boat?
  3. Either that or you could just meet me at the marina if you’re close to the greece area.
  4. She is still pretty clean inside. I can just pop down to the marina and take some for ya.
  5. I will try and dig some up and post after work. The inside is in pretty good shape still. Cuddy coushions are worn of course and some stains on the headliner in the cabin but sh
  6. Selling my boat. Ran fine last time used. Discovered it has a bad stringer and need it gone. Price is negotiable depending on what she comes with. 5.7l Volvo with Volvo outdrive. Has tandem axle trailer. Asking 2000 boat and trailer only but will consider all offers. Has 4 riggers would be willing to part with as well that could be negotiated into price along with fish finder, lowrance lcx I believe. Just throwing it out there. She’ll be headed to the junkyard if no takers that could fix her up.
  7. Hope ya got those trailer lights working. I was the guy that followed you from greece all the way there.
  8. So we fished out there from Wednesday till Saturday and the bite died as soon as that slight east wind picked up every morning wich was close to 8 o'clock each day. Anywhere from 10-15 bites each morning than you had to work really hard for them after that so I don't think you did anything wrong. That early King bite was slammin though for sure.
  9. xdbcx

    Lake O

    So I have tried some well known spots in central lake o the past two weekends with nothing to show for it. Tubes, cranks, drop shot rigs, spinner baits, and live bait all for one fish in the past month. I guess I either need to wait it out, bite the bullet and go far east or west or hit up the finger lakes for smallies.
  10. xdbcx

    Lake O

    I myself am intrigued as well. As far as I know there are gobies in Erie and the bass fishing out there is still phenomenal. I will be trying a few more times here in the near future. I will also be trying a few different areas as well. Hopefully I can find an area with more than one in it. Will continue to update here and hope others will as well.
  11. xdbcx

    Lake O

    Went to hedges today. Only 1 bass in 4 hours. Drop shot, tubes, and cranks. Fished 6-20 feet of water. The one we got was a hog though.
  12. There was one lurking around ridge rd in Greece this year. I never saw him personally but had the pic sent to me.
  13. Is there anywhere in that town to get coffee at 5 am.? By the way I hope the fishing is on this weekend, will be there all weekend.
  14. Just got off of the lake and saw 2 forming that never made it to the water. Pretty cool sight to see. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. Thanks guys. Will start looking in the 9.9 to 15 range then. Would like to know I could get back if my main cuts out for some reason. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. I have a 23 footer and was tossing around the idea of a kicker motor. How big does everyone think I need to go. I currently have a 6 horse short shaft for an old aluminum boat that I never use anymore. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  17. We have done a few off the mouth of the genny. Only ran 3 trips so far and have gotten 5 I think. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  18. You will not be disappointed with the I phone [ Post made via iPhone ]
  19. Hey there, I sent you a pm at 6:30 this morning telling you I found a local buyer and would let you know if anything falls through. He hit me up and has first dibs on it. Thanks. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  20. 175 is as low as I go. Would prefer to sell as a combo but would be open to offers. Pm me your email address and I can send pics. [ Post made via iPhone ]
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