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  1. Friday AM We went out of the river into 7-8 footers with thoughts of turning around. We finally managed to get some depth and trolled around for a couple of hours. As we were pulling rods to come in the lead core takes a rip. After a hour of fighting we put our first king of the year in the boat. It was 18# and came on glow stinger ladderback 10 colors out over 110fow.

    PM We waited until 1:30pm and went back out on the lake. It was 3-4 and dieing down. We started at the can and trolled the drop off. We went 3 for 5 all fish came on spoons. We had to work very hard to manage a bite. (thanks Glen)

    Sat AM On the water at 5am. Jeff Zimmer (timeout) came out with us for the day. We started out inside working from 35ft to 55ft and we were on the fish hard. Riggers and the leadcore were hot. The morning bite was a spoon bite for us. Chicken wing took a lot of the fish for us. Afternoon was a lot slower. We ended up 9 for 11 and had a great time! Sounded like the fish were a little east of the river Sunday.

    Sunday AM We started in shallow again to find the fish and bait were gone and the inside water had warmed up a bit. We only missed one fish for the couple of hours we were out. But at the marina we got to see the big laker being weighed. I think it went 26.12...it was a beautiful fish! Man those guys were stoked!! First trip to the bar for me on my boat and I loved it...I'll be back next year! Wolf

  2. AM Left the creek at around 6am with a friend from work. Water was gin clear and around 40 deg. We found a pocket of warmer water around the power plant and worked it hard. Ended up 9 for 11 with 7 browns and 2 steelhead. All fish were caught in 10 fow or less on sticks and spoons. Great morning for first trip!

    PM Went out for a shakedown on Ringleaders boat around 3pm. The lake was a different animal than this morning. 2-3 ft waves and good color. We only fished for 2 hours and ended up 6 for 6 all browns. We had triple with one of the browns weighing 12#. Real interesting considering our captain forgot one big piece of equipment...we made do though!

  3. Should I change the title of this thread...too funny. My friend Wally is going to be on the show he is from Middlesex NY. He also works as a teacher with me too. Sorry about the confusion and you guys crack me up. Wolf

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