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  1. We started at 500am with a real foggy lake and ice cold water....ran west(very slowly) of port and set up in 75fow water and worked 75-100 fow for the first 3 hrs without a touch...45-46 deg on surface 39 down 50ft. Missed a small fish on dipsey over 150fow... Started to work out to 300 fow and went threw way points from last years open without a touch.  Water was 44 on surface at 300....now its 9am and we don't have a fish....What to do...deep or head inside...I decided to go back to the old way points throw a bunch of meat rigs on and boy did it pay off...We hit a 16#er at 210 fow on a golden retriever and twinkie rig 220 out on dipsey.  Then went back threw  the same spot and did another 16#er on a super bait/slasher rig.  Then took a laker on a spoon off boards with a couple splitshot.  Then missed another good rio on dipsy....had to leave to make weigh n...ended up in 1st place on sat!  NEVER GIVE UP!  Would like to have tried the spot today to see if they were still there.....Thanks to all the people who put this tournament  together it always a great event!



  2. We caught most of the lakers on a green e-chip and hammer fly...also a few on spinny's.  We fished from Olcott to the plant in 85fow.  Just look for the hooks on bottom and target them...they were hungry.  300 copper was taking fish...coho's came on a stinger spoon from the Onieda lake series off the boards with a couple split shots.  

  3. Took boat out for shakedown cruse and a little fishing.  Got set up around 7:30 and hit a good fish rite out of the shoot. We ended up breaking the fish off but I am pretty sure it was a king on stinger glow frog SS.  We ended up 5 for 7  with two 10# browns.  Fished 15 to 25 FOW in the stained water.  2 fish on spoons 3 on  j 13's. Only one off rigger. Had to cut trip short as my wife got rear ended on 104....Boat ran great and fish were there! 


  4. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:Bear Creek Bandit





    Time on Water:5pm

    Weather/Temp:90 sunny

    Wind Speed/Direction:sw 20

    Waves: 1-2

    Surface Temp: 69

    Location:west of port

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 6

    Total Boated:4

    Species Breakdown:steelhead coho king

    Hot Lure: Meat

    Trolling Speed: 2.7

    Down Speed: 2.5

    Boat Depth: 120-200

    Lure Depth: 90-100




    We left port around 5pm hoping to get a couple of guys from FL there first king. Started in 100fow with a few marks and bait worked 100-120 until 7 with no hits on those fish. Temp was down around 100... Pointed north and worked out to 200fow...first fish came at 180 on 300 dipsey with meat. The next 3 came over 200fow on 100ft rigger with white spinny hammer fly and on the same diver. I was a little worried I was going to get the first skunk of the year....turned out to be a good night! What a year so far....fishing has been great!


  5. I will be fishing both days...Looking forward to it! First year with the boat in Oak Orchard. Its been a great year so far...lots and lots of fish! I like the open divison because it doesnt have all the B.S. of having a Observer. I just do it for fun with my dad and his buddy's...if we do good great...if not we just have fun.

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