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  1. That is surely Trophy Class even for Lk Ontario! Congrats to you and your son for a lifelong memory to share!
  2. Price Reduced Vintage Lot of Storm Jr Thundersticks NIB for sale. Hard to find colors/ Reasonable Price $125 delivered Jsp88 Green Monkey Puke Jsp87 Red Monkey Puke GJ236 Glittered Pearl Blue Orange Belly GL235 Glittered Chartruese Blue Back OB GJ233 Glittered Silver Green Back GJ237 Glittered Naturistic Bluegill GJ234 Glittered Gold J181 PrismFlash Blue Back J75 Redhead J2 Bluescale J146 Metsllic Gren Tiger J14 Patriotic Flag J159 Metallic Blue Yellow Belly Black Specks J60 Naturistic Perch J160 Metallic Green Yellow Belly Black Speck J250 Green Scale J194 PrismFlash Chartruese Black Squiggles BILLY Baroo's Brother Price Reduced $125 $160 del priority Box Paypal F&F Or add 3% for invoice
  3. SOLD Lot of 26 vintage junior thunderstick baits. These have not been made in 35 years Tournament winners and fish box fillers. 10 of them are custom paints I used for many years. $170 delivered to your door [at least $15 ship cost] paypal Accepted My ebay handlebis 1adkpeaks2 Close to 2000 Positive transactions
  4. The second one up from bottom right is a custom color!
  5. Lot of 12 lightly used Jr Thundersticks for sale. Several specials, pink flamingo prism J195, some very tough rainbow trout glitters GJ239 And a number of others. $75 del [email protected]
  6. The color code is J216 and is Hot Blue Tiger They are hard to come by but may be able to part with 1 or 2 [email protected]
  7. These are the Vintage Old Storm Junior Thundersticks - Proven Tournament Fish Catchers on the Great Lakes! That wiggle cannot be reproduced due to the molds destruction
  8. Vintage Storm Junior Thundersticks Lot [17] - $120 delivered Reduced to $100 delivered Includes several prisms, several glitters and a number of captains choice colors Proven fish catchers and priced to move!
  9. Storm Vintage Deep Junior Thundersticks For Sale - 6 NIB -$52 delivered Includes 3 prisms and another hard to get color Brown Trout
  10. 12 NIB Lot of Vintage Storm Hot N Tots - $90 Delivered
  12. 7 Bomber Long 14A Small Size 5 Watermelon w/ rasberry belly 1 Pink Cindy 1 Sparkle Flash tail $80 delivered
  13. 6 Bomber Long 15A Mother of Pearl in Packer Boxes G finish $52 deliverd
  14. Have 14 Vintage Storm Jr Thundersticks And 6 Kaboom Shiners Includes several Prisms on Storms & some glows on Kabooms! $120 deliverd
  15. This is why the world has become a lesser quality place to live in! No respect, no manners, No consideration of your fellow fisherman! If you don' t like it, don,'t know the product history & results - move on Wise-ass commentary not needed!!! Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. 1Set of Old Storm GJ239 Glittered Rainbow Trout Coho Chinook Atlantic Salmon & Brown Trout Slammers For those tough "Bite" days when others are boxing fish! GJ239 Storm Glittered Rainbow Trout 1 loose Junior 1 Boxed AJ & Deep Junior Thundersticks [email protected] $60.00 Delivered Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. God Bless for a full recovery! Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. All sold Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Billy Lot now sold Appreciate your consideration!
  21. Hard to get a lot of the original Billy's bayrats work but these outfish them 2or3 to 1 Client time/ gas/ fish in the box Is what matters. Thx Sent from my XT1254 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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