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  1. Hey Lou, Welcome aboard this ship of fools! I only speak for myself - but I am fool enough for many. If you ever get the itch to do some tributary fishing this fall, send me a PM. I am up fairly frequently and have had some good times meeting folks from boards like this. As far as fishing eating up most of your time and money - well, that means you must be doing something right! Marty
  2. Tom is spot on, after catching those things in a "creek" off Oneida Lake, we found a bunch of BIG largemouths. Marty
  3. A good reason never to swim in that lake. LOL Marty
  4. Very, very nice! If you fished it, how was Braddock's this year? Marty
  5. Grew up in Rochester, lived in Baltimore are the past 9 years. Miss the trib fishing the most...here are some from the past fall/winter season. Can't wait to get out and fish - will be up next weekend! Marty
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