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  1. icedauber

    Owasco Trip

  2. icedauber

    Owasco Trip

    Owasco Trip A couple of flatlanders from eastern NY are coming to fish Owasco wed - friday. Any heads up on whats going on would be welcome.
  3. icedauber

    down view vs 2 D fish finders

    I have 2 birds with quadrabeam. Best way to go for trolling.
  4. icedauber

    Non ethanol

    Any around Whitney pt. We will be coming in from there.
  5. icedauber

    Non ethanol

    Thanks everyone!!!!
  6. icedauber

    Non ethanol

    Is there any non-ethanol gas in Ithaca? thanks
  7. icedauber

    Lake Levels

    What level is needed for Tremain? It is currently 379. thanks , Looking at the forecast for monday and tuesday.
  8. icedauber

    Cayuga spring trip

    Came out to Ithaca on 4/14. Fishing by 10:00. Lots of Boats. Wt 51- 54. 9 for 9 all LL. My largest to date 28", rest small. On the water 6:30 thursday. Wt 44 - 49. Slow fishing , quit @ noon. LL pic below.
  9. icedauber

    Cayuga 4/7 w/pic

    What was the water temp? We may try a trip on wed \ thurs. thanks
  10. icedauber

    R&R spoons were on fire!!!

    You made me do it. A bunch of new razors I didn't need. Will use them when we make our spring trips to Kigk Ferry in search of the woman with the 1 good tooth.
  11. icedauber

    Trolling rods

    Rhino 8' downrigger rods. My first 1 lasted 20 years. Got 2 last season @ fish307.
  12. icedauber

    Need Advice

    Bought a cannon speed-n-temp. Mounted on big jon downrigger w 3' boom. Mounted sensor unit below black release crimped on cable. Unit registers untill I sink it in the water. Do I need to replace cable with covered cable from cannon? Is this the correct way to attach the sensor? thanks
  13. icedauber

    Will this work?

    I use a 16' Lund for the fingers , Champlain and Cape Cod. Should work just fine.
  14. icedauber

    Spring? Trip - part 2

    Albany boys coming back out tomorrow. Looking for Browns , LL . Ithaca on Cayuga or Auburn on Owasco? Give us a heads up. As always will be @ King Ferry Hotel next 2 nights. 1st round is on us. We may find that woman with the mighty fine tooth this time.
  15. icedauber

    Spring Trip

    High skys & cold weather = slow fishing. 1 laker on monday , 1 23" eye on tuesday. 5 lakers + 21" fat brown on wed. Will be back when water warms up. thanks for the help.