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  1. Owasco Trip A couple of flatlanders from eastern NY are coming to fish Owasco wed - friday. Any heads up on whats going on would be welcome.
  2. I have 2 birds with quadrabeam. Best way to go for trolling.
  3. Any around Whitney pt. We will be coming in from there.
  4. Is there any non-ethanol gas in Ithaca? thanks
  5. What level is needed for Tremain? It is currently 379. thanks , Looking at the forecast for monday and tuesday.
  6. Came out to Ithaca on 4/14. Fishing by 10:00. Lots of Boats. Wt 51- 54. 9 for 9 all LL. My largest to date 28", rest small. On the water 6:30 thursday. Wt 44 - 49. Slow fishing , quit @ noon. LL pic below.
  7. What was the water temp? We may try a trip on wed \ thurs. thanks
  8. You made me do it. A bunch of new razors I didn't need. Will use them when we make our spring trips to Kigk Ferry in search of the woman with the 1 good tooth.
  9. Rhino 8' downrigger rods. My first 1 lasted 20 years. Got 2 last season @ fish307.
  10. Bought a cannon speed-n-temp. Mounted on big jon downrigger w 3' boom. Mounted sensor unit below black release crimped on cable. Unit registers untill I sink it in the water. Do I need to replace cable with covered cable from cannon? Is this the correct way to attach the sensor? thanks
  11. I use a 16' Lund for the fingers , Champlain and Cape Cod. Should work just fine.
  12. Albany boys coming back out tomorrow. Looking for Browns , LL . Ithaca on Cayuga or Auburn on Owasco? Give us a heads up. As always will be @ King Ferry Hotel next 2 nights. 1st round is on us. We may find that woman with the mighty fine tooth this time.
  13. High skys & cold weather = slow fishing. 1 laker on monday , 1 23" eye on tuesday. 5 lakers + 21" fat brown on wed. Will be back when water warms up. thanks for the help.
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