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  1. Are these riggers still available? Are the pedestals fixed or do they rotate?
  2. Hi! Still available. I live in southeastern PA. Dave: 215-527-3552
  3. I am going to drop the price on these reels by $10.00. I will offer them to you first before I change the add. Let me know if you are interested. Dave
  4. Two Daiwa reels with upgraded drags. Good working condition. One reel spooled with 50lb braid; the other is 20lb mono that should be replaced. $105 shipped TYD. Dave: 215-527-3552 Let's try dropping the price to $95 shipped TYD.
  5. Daiwa 47 lc with upgraded drags. Spooled with 1000' of 30 lb. wire. Good working condition. $55 TYD. Dave: 215-527-3552
  6. Sorry, somebody slipped in ahead of you. Dave
  7. This reel is the Daiwa 47lc spooled with 1000' of stainless line. I believe it is 20 lb. test. I upgraded the drag with Smooooth Drags and they work much better than the original components. The reel has the normal wear from some days on the big lake, but it works well. $55. TYD. OBO. Dave: 215-527-3552
  8. The black ones are mags. The others are Ones, but the purple and yellow have the large rings to get them to mag size. The Wonder Bread in a One with the smaller ring.
  9. This is a new, unused, 300ft coated cable for the Mohr Subroll unit. Cost with shipping was $57. TYD for $38. Dave: 215-527-3552.
  10. Five dipsey divers (1 new; 4 used); two 12" shock cords (1 new; 1 one good used); 1 new Twilli Tip. $45 TYD or best offer. Dave: 215-527-3552.
  11. 4 Slide divers (2 new/2 used). Four dipseys (3 used; one new). Also 1 ring and 1 12" shock cord. $35. TYD or best offer. Dave: 215-527-3552.
  12. This was my favorite slide diver rig. Daiwa SG 47 lc spooled with 50 lb braid. I upgraded the drag with Smoooth Drags and it works pretty nice--good working condition with some scratches. The rod is an 8.5 ft Ugly Stick--supple but strong. I was never able to find another Ugly Stick to match it--very good condition. $100 TYD. Dave: 215-527-3552
  13. Just over 100 spoons. 26 mags; over 50 28s; the rest are smaller sizes. Some are virtually new except for hanging in a file box. Others are used but in good-to-decent shape. $100 TYD, or best offer. Dave: 215-527-3552.
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