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  1. 1988 Evinrude 20hp, longshaft, Electric start, remote control. Super clean, and ready to go. Asking 1300 . Sorry for crummy phone pic .Email [email protected] Will run for interested parties. Located in Avon NY
  2. Arts Bait shop is located on Rt 15 just before East Avon. Phone is 226-9185
  3. I would suggest a marine survey for both the boat and the motor. A wise investment, unless you are looking for a project boat.
  4. The tell tale hole should be on the lower pan near the back of the motor. If you take the faceplate and wrap off you should be able to trace the telltale hose down to the bottom of the pan from the water jacket( left side of powerhead).I would first reccommend checking the telltale hose for obstructions, they are notorious for getting a mud wasp or spider nest in them. Secondly, your impeller is a wear item and should be replaced as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Dry worn and cracked water pump impellers can dislodge and travel through and lodge in the passages of your cooling system. This prevents a problem since now you have to pull the water jacket and exhaust baffle from your 46 yeat old motor. Expect to break at least half of the 1/4 20 bolts, unless you carefully heat everything up with mapp gas. Good news though, That is a nice old motor and parts are readily available, even at NAPA, if you will accept aftermarket Sierra. I would suggest purchasing the 1965 and Prior Service manual from Mercury... or used. Stay away from the Seloc and others.Good Luck , Jason
  5. Thanks for the reply's. I will try the unit on its maiden voyage and see if it will maintain course after I power it up and throw the lever to engage. I dont know if there are any adjustments that can or will need to be made. It was re mounted in ste exact way it came off, with the only difference being it went to a fuse block rather than in line fuse. If I have any problems I will pm you lakebound for your manual, and of course prompt return. Thanks in advance, Jason
  6. Howdy, The Sea Nymph fish & ski I'm just completing came with a King marine ap 2000 unit when I purchased it. After a total gut job on the boat, I reinstalled the autopilot. The unit powers up but I dont know how or what it will actually perform. I expect straight line travel and counter steer to manitain course.... Is this correct? Does anyone have a manual I can copy and return, or at minimum a dissertation in setup and use? Thanks in advance, Jason
  7. I once thought about Stoodent Lone.
  8. Ray, I could use one too if that is possible. It's on a boat I purchased but have yet to start the interior restoration. Thanks in advance, Jason
  9. I'm going to part with a few of my outboards. The first is a 1961 Merc 60,6 hp. This motor has 120 # compression on each cylinder, It has great spark and shifts fine . It has f/n/r gears.This is a shortshaft. The motor recently had a carb kit and new water pump impeller installed, It starts easily and idles down nice, so easily I can start it by spinning the flywheel by hand. It is ready to go. The price is 350$. The second is a 1972 Merc 7.5 horsepower longshaft. This motor has 115 and 116 # compression and great spark.It has f/n/r gears and shifts fine.The motor just had a new water pump impeller installed along with a carb kit and fuel pump kit. It starts second pull and idles down nice. The price is 400$. There is no tank or hoses available. Photos included were the beginning of February in a heated garage. Thanks you
  10. European rudd, they are holdovers from someone dumping their baitfish: red fin shiners as they are commonly known.
  11. You forgot to mention that you disinfected your boat after being in Conesus prior to returning to Hemlock, to mitigate a potetial vector for VHS transmission. Thanks
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