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  1. TONYD

    Best Feature On Your Boat is.....

    Walker strike vision, helps seeing what your stuff is really doing down below.
  2. TONYD

    Observer still needed for oswego

    Still looking anybody interested, need spotter for oswego and sodus.
  3. Still need spotter for oswego anybody interested please let us know.
  4. TONYD

    Observer needed

    Doug sent you a pm, hank give me a call. Jerry see ya in oswego.
  5. TONYD

    Observer needed

    Observer needed for the Oswego And Sodus pro-am.
  6. TONYD

    PRO-AM TIME!!!!!!!

    JERRY dont forget the horn.
  7. TONYD

    Staying at Wilson

    We stayed at the lakeview motel for the week of the LOC, beautiful rooms A/C, cable tv,fridge in the room, and the owners are great people.
  8. TONYD

    how the HAIL are u -what channel?

    Yeah jerry that is us, are you going to be down that way for the derby?
  9. TONYD

    how the HAIL are u -what channel?

    yes we are 4 boats down from screamer, right next to the fish cleaning station.
  10. TONYD

    how the HAIL are u -what channel?

    Yes i did, i think dave said you are slipped next to him.
  11. TONYD

    Camera 9 on Lakevision

    Ray i was about 10 feet away from you friday, my buddy mike was talking to you about your top, i didnt know it was you i would have squeezed out of my truck to say hi!
  12. TONYD

    how the HAIL are u -what channel?

    We ran the boat down to wilson saturday didnt see much debris, went out sunday and there was a line of it coming from the west. fished shallow early had 3 rods go did one small coho, moved out closer to the line picked up 2 lakers. called it quits at 11:00. My first trip to wilson it is a really nice place, and nice people.We are fishing out of a white BAHA next to the fish cleaning station. We usually are on ch 19 (WARSHIP)
  13. TONYD

    "buzzing" transducer

    On our boat we have a LMS350 when the boat is out of the water and the unit is on the transducer will make a noise.
  14. TONYD

    Camera 9 on Lakevision

    Looks like the camera angle was knocked down, should be looking straight out.It seems like it is looking at the west break wall.