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  1. I think i have seen your rig Ray, i fish out of a 22ft center console with light green hull and white hard-top. Did not see the dead smelt, but now i know why they weren't there in the same numbers on sunday. Anyway beautiful day on the water. And yeah, i think the 'tourney guys' educated them a "lil" bit We have a world class fisheries in LE and LO - need to take advantage while we can. I should be out barcelona or dunkirk again next sat & sun - give me a shout on "68" if you are there. Jack (ShortHanded)
  2. Nice catching... I was a little west of brocton on sunday and could not believe the numbers of fish i marked on bottom in ~90 fow - i assumed these stacked bottom huggers were lakers, but i was picking at suspended walleye at the time so i never took a stab at them - maybe next time. Also, I didn't relaize the nys record laker (40+#) was taken from lake erie - nice fish! Jack
  3. Oh, yah, I remember...what a mess! Good to see you are still fishing the pro-am's ...great fun. Who are you fishing with this year? As far as Erie goes we will try for another time...the fishing (and eating) is awesome. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  4. Dale, good to hear from you. Probably too late now, but I am open tomorrow. Lmk Jack 585.775.7066 [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. Thanks. It was a slow pick and had to change from harnesses to get them to go. There was a ton of bait available, so the fish are well fed. Back out tomorrow am. Jack [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Late getting on the lake. Bait and fish all along the drop out front. 30-50ft down over 70-90ft best. Cranked up a limit off boards, with one fish just under 9 lbs. Jack [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. recommend getting a high-thrust version regardless of hp or brand.
  8. which of the two mugs in the close up of DanJr's avitar are better looking? i vote for the one with the the big mouth and most teeth . Yeah, I know, I need to be more discriminating in my description than that. How about the one with the least hair. Uh, wait a minute...
  9. Many from the board know me and this boat. Moving forces sale. Open to reasonable offer. Prefer to sell everything in one package, boat, electronics, fishing equipment and tackle. The very best of everything. http://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/369051617.html email me directly for more info or to see the boat in person. Thanks for looking.
  10. you will lose some days when your free time and fowl weather meet
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