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  1. The Summer LOC Derby hours vary from station to station. Here are the weigh in hours NOT the total hours of operation. (Many stations are open earlier than these posted hours.) Wilson 9-8 Slippery Sinker Tues & Wed 9-6, Thur -Mon 9-8 The Boat Doctors 9-6 Mon-Sun Captains Cove 9-7 Narby's 9-8 East Fork CLOSED July 26 & 27 Closed Mondays, Open at 12:00 on Tuesdays Wed-Sun 9-7 Mitchels 9-7 Mon-Sun Bayside 9-8 Mon-Sun B&E Tackle Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3 Sodus Point Mon & Tues 9-12 Wed & Thur 9-6, Fri & Sat 9-8 Sun 9-5 Davenports 9-8 Screwy Louie's Mon-Thur 9-6, Fri & Sat 9-7, Sun 9-4 Larry's 9-8 Flatrock 9-8 Woody's 9-7 Mon-Sat Sun 9-6 All Season's Sports 9-8 Henchen's 9-5:30 Mon-Sun
  2. Magellan Meridian Gold Handheld GPS also Mapsend Bluenav 83 Chart of North America waterway Including Lake Ontario Great little unit for fishing hunting hiking or driving around. Asking $200.00 Call Jay @ 734-7058 for more info
  3. Oh by the way TROUT ONE on your win
  4. This isn't the first time Trout One been dissqualified from a Pro/Am. I believe that he was the another boat that rescue the people off houseboat that sank, with the Candy boat a few year back off Oswego . This was a mistake by Captain and Crew by not checking the log sheet. Don't put this on the observer shoulder because we need them to make the Pro/Am work. How would anyone feel if you just cost someone first place in a tournament like this??? We had observer on the boat NEVER fish before, let alone know the rules. S**t some of the Captains that been fishing the Pro/Am's for years don't know all the rules.
  5. 42lbs salmon Need to say more, I mated for Joe in the past and you will have great time.
  6. Officer in Charge USCG Station Rochester 5500 St Paul Blvd Rochester, NY 14617 Phone: (585) 342-4149 16000 01 May 2009 MEMORANDUM From: Officer in Charge, USCG Station Rochester Reply to Attn of: To: Rochester Area Boaters Subj: 2009 ESL INTERNATIONAL AIR & WATER SHOW Ref: 1. The U. S. Coast Guard will be establishing a safety zone in the vicinity of the entrance to the Genesee River for the 2009 ESL International Air & Water Show from May 29th through May 31st. This safety zone will be in effect from approximately 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on all three days. All boaters will be required to stay out of the safety zone established by the points listed below: Southwest Corner Point: 43 – 15’ 53†N 077 – 37’ 00†W Northwest Corner Point: 43 – 16’ 18†N 077 – 36’ 38†W North East Corner Point 43 – 15’ 46†N 077 – 35’ 30†W Southeast Corner Point: 43 – 15’ 21†N 077 – 35’ 52†W In addition to the safety zone stated above, the Charlotte and Summerville Piers will be closed to the public due to the safety requirements associated with the Air Show. The Genesee River will also be closed to traffic as listed below to ensure everyone’s safety during the show. River Closure: 12:00 to 2:30 pm 3:00 to 4:30 pm Boaters are encouraged and more than welcome to anchor or station themselves outside of the safety zone to watch and enjoy the show. Any questions concerning any of the information provided above should be directed to U.S. Coast Guard Station Rochester at (585) 342-4149. #
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