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  1. 2 cannon mag 10 electric riggers with extendable booms No bases in excellent condition. Both have ball retrievers one has coated cable $550 [ Post made via Android ]
  2. I have a pair of cannon mag 10a plus a parts rigger.250 for all 3. Shoot me a pm if interested [ Post made via Android ]
  3. HDS 5 with lake insight in like new condition only used one season $600 obo. [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Thanks for the invite nick. Great day on the water as it always is
  5. nice job rollie! congrats [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Got the boat runnin late sat nite and snuck out for an hour or so sun afternoon...managed to boat one LL 2.3 lost a bunch more [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  7. Awesome report sean nice job [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  8. Thanks j had a blast....wish that guy coulda keep em hooked up on that 300 lol...big weenies rocked it out today [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. wtg Jim nice report....someday i'll get back up there with ya lol [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  10. sent you a pm [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. any way we could meet in auburn at the bass pro shops? [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  12. thanks mark i'll keep that in mind...i think i got her figured out testing it friday. keepin my fingers crossed nick and i were ready to jump in after that salmon as it hung out on the surface with the spoon in his mouth and cheater around hm [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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