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  1. Rusty& I are planning a fishing trip to skinny or owasco Wednesday afternoon. The question is to troll for lakers,etc. or break out the worms and hopefully catch a few perch. rock bass, etc Hopefully someone can give us a reports or thoughts on the above,any help would would be appreciated. Gary
  2. can anyone tell me if the docks are in on owasco yet ? oh yeah is the ice out ? Any help would be appreciated. Gary
  3. After 2 years of cancer treatment I would like to try some spring brown trout in the big "O" out of Oswego but chemo after effects rules early morning out so I'm wondering if there is a decent evening bite along the shoreline,any help would be appreciated,Grandpa fish on (Gary)
  4. I hope to try Owasco on the north end for lake trout this week, this will be be my first outing this year due to illness and could use up to date info.any help would be appreciated.Gary
  5. I'm hoping to do a Mon. evening troll for lakers on Owasco. lake north end.it will be my first outing in 2 years do to illness and any updated info would be appreciated..I plan on trolling from Fay's Pt. north with the usual hardware."THANKS". Gary
  6. Do to cancer issues I haven't fished only a couple of times in the last 2 years. I want to take my Grandsons fishing for panfish and s. m. bass. I know that it's been a crazy year for weather and I have no idea if the fish are into their summer mode yet. Any help would be appreciated. Gary
  7. Hey guys , I`d like to try owasco or skinny for bass, panfish etc. for the first time on the water in 2 years due to Cancer but I'm now cancer free and would like to splash the boat next week for a hour or two. Any info. on where I can find a fish or two would be appreciated. Gary. Also is the skinny launch crowded so far during the week. Any help would be appreciated.Gary
  8. I've looking for any info I can get on the Lake Ontario spring fishing out of Oswego in the afternoon and early evening. My past 2 years has been spent dealing with cancer and it looks like I beat it And "spring" fishing on the big "O" is calling me. With the chemo side effects there is no way to go up early in the morning. I'm looking for any advice I can get and help would greatly appreciated.Gary
  9. Good Morning guys, I've been told that Burkley Gulp Alive Leech is the real deal for S.M. Bass,Panfish etc. For Me Minnows are getting harder to get & keep alive so Gulp Alive sure would be great if it works. Any Info. would be greatly appreciated.Gary (Grandpa Fish On)
  10. It's been 15 years or so since I've fished lakers out of Oswego many times with a good friend of mine Capt. Ed Dobie who died this fall.His passing has made me realize I need to get my 4 grandsons up to Oswego this summer and get them some big Lakers. Ed & I used mostly 5"-6" cowbells of different colors & peanuts with the colors to match the light conditions, Are these type of cowbells still used today? Also I've used Les Davis Flextroll baby cowbells 2"-3" long in silver& gold on Skaneateles but I'm wondering if they are to small for Ontario.Any help would be appreciated.Gary
  11. I'm hopeing some of you can give me the lowdown on afternoon & early evening brown trout fishing out of Oswego?. A few years ago I used to do a lot of morning brown fishing but 70 plus years old and arthritis & cold temps make early morning fishing real tough. Any help would be appreciated. Gary
  12. Hi hockey8, I think the info. on the last few owasco posts will still hold true and that the north end of owasco is still the area to catch lakers. I usually the old dark day- dark lure bright day- bright lure same goes for SD's and dodgers.Most of my lakers are hooked up in the bottom 20' of water 60-80' deep. P.S. I'm a 70 year old still playing hockey,do you play ? Gary
  13. I use the L.H. ramp facing the water and have no problem launching my 19' alumacraft by myself but I think you would want 2-3 people with a 21' I think it should work.Gary
  14. I decided to do a last minute solo to owasco yesterday midafternoon on the north end,it was sunny w/lite wind & not much showing on the screen. The good news is I boated 4 lakers 1-24"2-26" 1-28". All were in prime condition 3 lakers on spoons & one on a 6" white dodger W/white squid,no hits on S/D's. Gary (Grandpa Fish-on)
  15. Hi Mark,I just got back from visiting my 97 year old Aunt in the upper pennisula of michigan and saw your sucess on Owasco with the lakers. were you working the northern end which would be my guess ? I'm hopeing to get out this weekend.Gary
  16. Can anyone give me a update on the Owasco fleas ? I'd like to do some trolling there but no way if the fleas are still as bad as they were a few weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated,Gary
  17. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me a update on how bad the fleas are on Owasco lake ? The last post I read sounded like all most impossible conditions to troll in ? Any help would be appreciated, Gary
  18. I'm looking for any updates on the nearshore fishing out of Oswego 20'-40'. browns etc. The person I want to take has never been on the big lakes and won't go unless I promise to stay near shore. I'm sure if We can hammer some browns things will change soon. Any help would be appreciated.Gary
  19. Hi Alex, I'm planning to start fishing Owasco on a regular basis and I'm just wondering if it was the north or south half of Owasco that you had the good marks ? I launch out Emerson park and like to stay in the north half of the lake. Any help would be appreciated.Gary
  20. Good Afternoon,I'm planning on take my oldest Grandson and a family friend up to Oswego tomorrow and I'm looking for help on where the lads might be able to land a fish or two. I plan to head East and set up in 30'-50' of water. We will be running 6 rods off riggers and planner boards using spoons & plugs.The young man going with me is a marine waiting for travel orders & I'd like to send him off with a good fish tomorrow. Gary ====================
  21. Good Morning guys,what a great post. I'm taking my oldest grandson and a friend up to Oswego tomorrow and I'm looking for any info. on where to fish for the late afternoon&evening. I plan on fishing east of Oswego but it's been at least 5 years since I've fished up there so any help would be appreciated. It sounds like it's going to be sunny in the 2nd. half of the day so I plan on fishing a 30-50 FOW ? I will be running 2- 4 riggers and side planners. The young man that is going with us is a marine who is waiting for travel orders so I'm hopeing to send him off with fun fish tomorrow.Gary
  22. Hey Guys , I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the late afternoon -early evening fishing is for browns,etc is out of Oswego, For a number of reasons early morning fishing is not going to happen this year. Any info would be appreciated. Gary (Grandpa fish-on)
  23. Can anyone tell if the union springs launch has enough water for my 19' alumacraft ? I understand that Cayuga is real low and I'm not real familiar with that area. "THANKS" Gary
  24. I'd like to take a young Marine who is home on leave over to Long pt. on Cayuga Lake for a afternoon of Laker fishing this week but need some help where to head after We launch. Am I best to head north up to the college or go south on the east side ? I'm setup W/riggers,planners etc. but just not sure where to fish, any help would be appreciated.Gary (Grandpa fish on)
  25. I live in Marcellus & have been fishing Owasco for the last few years, I feel it's time to head west as Owasco has really slowed down the last couple of years. Can and one tell me if the north end of Cayuga out of Union Springs is decent fishing for lakers etc.? Time wise it's a 45 minute ride from home which is just right. Any help would be appreciated. Gary
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