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  1. I'd like to bring my teenage grandsons up to Oswego for their first Salmon trip but it would be a afternoon and evening trip because they work mornings, is there a decent bite later in the day? any info. would be appreciated as I haven't been Salmon fishing at Oswego in10-12 years. Gary
  2. Wow what difference a couple of days of fishing can be. Thurs. 5/21 was a slam dunk.I C&R several Lakers & marked all kinds of bait in 20-40 F.O.W. in the Long Point area Today in the same area No Fish,No Bait. I moved deeper & nothing. Oh well thats fishing but I'll be back out next week. Gary
  3. I did a solo this A.M. on the east side of Owasco around half way down the lake,I ran a jointed rapela out 100' and before I could hook it to the rigger release a 26" laker hit it, I boated 5 Lakers in less than a hour and then the approaching storm drove me off the lake. There is loads of bait & fish in 30' FOW below Long Pt. Mark N.Y. can you tell me if you were fishing above or below Long Point or all the above ? Gary (Grandpa fish on)
  4. I was over to the Owasco launch site yesterday and there were several rigs in the parking lot, The water level looks o.k. and I'm heading over to fish there in about 1/2 an hour. Gary
  5. Hi Chris, Ya I still have my 19' Alumacraft and She's going strong. I'm really enjoying retirement after running my own business for 40 years. I'm hunting , fishing, playing senior old mans hockey twice a week and enjoying 5 teen age grandchildren whom the Wife and I love to take Bass fishing. Hope all is well with you. Gary
  6. Hey Guys, "Thanks for all the input about riggers & blow back, I can see a pair of torpedos being on my boat come spring, Gary
  7. Good Morning to all, I have a 19' Alumacraft and fish the 3 eastern finger lakes with 4 riggers. My problem like many is blow back issues with my 2 deepest riggers, I have been using 12# round cannon balls but as I stated before blowback is a major issue. Can anyone suggest any newer style such fish. pancake, that will work better ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gary
  8. We had a great opener at Henderson Harbor this past weekend, I used to fish for Bass out of Oswego but hardly hear any bass fishing reports from the Oswego area any more ? Can anyone tell if there is still good bass fishing up there or whats going on ? Any help would be appreciated . Gary
  9. Have any of you used the mini disks off downriggers and found it to be sucessful? I'm thinking of running a disk-spoon combe off my two higher outside riggers maybe 100' back and set the angle to drop below and outside the cannonball track. Good or bad idea ? any help would be appreciated. Gary
  10. Good Morning, Can anyone tell me what speed you troll at this time of year running the usual hardware on Seneca, Cayuga, Etc. Any help would be appreciated . Gary
  11. Great report Bobberstop, I know that sunny days on skinny in the summer can shut down the rainbow bite, it sounds like you did real well, can you tell us what the light conditions were ? "THANKS" Grandpa fish on
  12. Good morning, I'd like to take my Grandson's crow hunting in my deer stand after deer season ends and am hoping for some help as to how long to wait between hunts so we don't drive the the crows away as I'm sure they get gunshy real quick, as always any help would be appreciated. Gary
  13. Hi, just wondering if the docks are in yet at the oswego launch site yet ? I'd like to take a shot at the browns fri. if the weather and wind allows. Any help would be appreciated. Gary
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