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  1. Hello to all. Team Pandemonium will be needing an observer for the Wilson Invitational Tournament. He/she will be invited to pre-fish, drink, eat and share accommodations if need be. As an added bonus, he/she will also be paid $100 for the day spent observing. How about it? Come out and spend a great couple of days learning from all the pros and having a great time doing so! Please let me know. Thanks. Terry Hickey Team Pandemonium
  2. Team Pandemonium is in. Sent ours in last week. I love Wilson Harbour. The restaurants there rock. Wilson Boat House is fabulous. Great food, drinks and service. Hey Vince, how the hell are ya? I could'nt agree with you more. "If you build it, they will come". Good work to all involved in making this happen. Terry
  3. Hello all. Sorry it's last minute, but due to health issues, one of our teammates had to drop out this weekend. If anyone out there wants to fish and have a good time this weekend, please let me know. Even if you can fish Saturday and Sunday, that's fine. You are better off calling me than sending a pm as I am leaving this morning for Oswego. Thanks, Terry (416)806-1808
  4. What are these lifejackets? Never heard of them. Call me stupid.lol. Any pictures? Thanks, Terry
  5. Hi there. Is the motor still for sale? Please let me know. Thanks, Terry
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