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  1. Let me check I have a mag 10 body and a spool at camp.
  2. i gave this idea out as help for fellow fisherman, it was not my idea but a nice elder gentemans. I didn't put this out there for people to steal the idea and sell them!
  3. i have have torpedo weights, 13 lbs. brand new . Pennsyltuky Torpedo weights. pm me for more info and ph no.
  4. had fun and your very welcome! need to get you into some bigger ones!
  5. Hi my names Jeff and I have been screen printing now for 2 years, small time guy doing shirts and hoodies mostly. I have done some for charter guys, local schools and buisnesses. not an official business yet but I be more then happy to try and help you out. any questions give me a call. 518-332-7361

    1. GAMBLER


      Let me know if you become a business.  I would need a receipt so I can write the work off. 

  6. as a steelhead guide yup its a steelhead for sure
  7. find someone else and hook up there head to see if theres works. if not its your power to unit if does your units bad/
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