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  1. Nice job Rick. Was wondering how you guys were doing and as always doing good. I have been working weekends all summer, so that's why you guys haven't heard frome me at all. Nice work and keep it going, you guys are doing great. Also keep posting, it is a nice way for me to see how all are doing. Take it easy.
  2. To all on posting a site for cooking what we catch....great idea, and thank you. I bring home a couple salmon over the course of a season, not the big ones but 10-13 pounders and I simply am tired of the same old recipes that try to mask the flavor, or do not accent it. My wife hates fish, but my kids love it, so this will be good for me. I have a few of these printed out for the early spring BBQ, when ever that really decides to arrive. Thanks again and take care.
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