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  1. Just last week I had a couple of free hours in SE Mass and decided to hit a beach for some stripers. The fishing was good for fish from about 15 lbs down to micros. I was high sticking a small striper for release in the water when a seal came out of nowhere and grabbed it. I finished the evening with a six foot fly rod instead of a nine footer. Still caught more fish too!
  2. Isn't the sale of herring for bait illegal in Mass?
  3. I have a buddy with a house on Point Peninsula and have been fishing up there for many years. Chaumont Bay is a great warm water fishery, but it can be a bear at times. Lots of Smallies, a few LMB, Northern and lots and lots of perch. There is a weedy flat and then a drop off out in front of Shangri La which can hold all kinds of stuff, just be careful of the old piers just under the surface which may or may not be marked with buoys. The rest of the bay is an open book with tons of structure and miles of open water. The most challenging aspect is the open water fishing, which in my experience is where the big girls hang out. They are where you find them. Walleyes are mostly transient, but there is a limited local population. The transients are now moving back out towards the main lake, so if you want to give them a go, hang a right and try the structure at the mouth of the bay. It can be sporty out there. As for watering holes, Shangri La is it for the Peninsula. Beer, burgers and fries. Chaumont and Cape Vincent are next closest. One more thing – unless your boat runs on water, get your gas on the mainland. Enjoy Paul
  4. I don't own a Lake O boat, but I fish Lake O at least once or twice a week often more, with regular fishing buddies. We come to an agreement every year as to what it takes. I own a (smaller)boat or three and I am aware of what goes into a fishing boat. I know that what I kick in is more than simply the cost of gas, but I have no issue with that. That new auto pilot? The new Berts tracks? And all off that other stuff that I benefit from without having to buy a sea worthy boat all costs money. If I do something stupid and lose a Dipsey, I replace it. When tourney time comes, we split equally, both costs and winnings. In a good year it all comes out in the wash and we may fish for free! Big Lake fishing is great fun, but it is not cheap. Paul
  5. That's opening weekend of Walleye and Northern Pike, and the St. Lawrence is about as good as it gets. There are also brown trout over towards Black River bay mixed in with the Walleye. Nearly all of the boats up there will be keyed on Walleye and Pike. Just watch the boundary with Canada as there were some sporty times with Canadian Customs last year. Also, don't be tempted with the shallows around Fox and Grenadier Islands. The area is referred to as Hard Scrabble and it has been the graveyard of many a lower unit.
  6. Chas, Its actually the first Saturday in May, I make that May 5th.
  7. I saw that Navionics and Raymarine have come up with an IPhone/Ipad App for synching with Raymarine GPS units via Bluetooth. I have no idea what it costs.
  8. Thanks Stan. Those are some beasts. In the part about the steelhead it says "the best part is that it is that it was a hatchery fish". Some of these guys don't know that you can usually keep hatchery fish, but that wild fish usually(sometimes must) be released. So that means they could keep the fish and get it mounted. Paul
  9. Way to go Bob! I just made that last weekend!
  10. Thanks for putting that up. I rarely watch the tube, but that was an entertaining and informative hour well spent.
  11. If I saw it right, "Fish Tales" won it. Rod certainly gets around, even if he spells it different out there. Thanks for putting that up Stan. Paul
  12. Thanks Muskybob for posting the leader boards. Humble as he is, Bob didn't mention that his team finished in the money in the open division both Saturday and Sunday. They at least fished for free. Good job guys. In fact, there were many LOU types in the top tiers. A special kudos for Glen and team From Spoonfed who came from way back to take the Am division. Cold Steel (several LOU members) pulled one out as well. Many of the Pro and Am team captains and members post and tweet here on a regular basis, and based on the tough fishing and the results, I am more impressed than ever in the knowledge and grit of the LOU community. Paul Team Horsin' Around.
  13. You may be talking about the Scriba launch. It is only open to Scriba residents, sticker required.
  14. I didn't feel it because I was out fishing! Right about that time we landed a a nice salmon. It was landed by a ten year old and it was a little over 20 lbs. He is getting his 15 minutes of fame, since he is on the LOC leaderboard for the moment.
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