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  1. The boat is sold. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. ttt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I will call you tonight. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Don't know on the hours on the Engine. I will have to look next time I'm up there. Stringers are good. This boat is maintain by mikes marina for over 5 years. I have them do all of the work. They can verify the condition of the boat.
  5. To the main Engine ruder. So there is only one steering wheel.
  6. Yes to all of your questions. The kicker motors controls are next to the steering wheel and its tied into steering and charging.
  7. Yes the trailer goes with the boat
  8. 1995 25' Baha Sportfishermen for sale!!! For Sale 1995 25' Baha Model 251 Sportfishermen 8.5' wide 350 Volvo Pentra Inboard Engine Boat is in the water at Mikes Marina in Mexico NY Everything goes with it that is attached to the boat and the trailer Kicker Motor 9.9 - Yamaha Shorelander Trailer 1995 Marine Toilet under seat Rocket Launcher Planner Board System Side rod holders 3 cannon Electric downriggers 1 big jon electric downrigger Electronics Furuno FCV-582L fish finder Fish hawk 840 Uniden Marine Radio Fm/AM Sirius sat ready radio Hummingbird GPS, Chart plotter, fish finder,, 788ci Rear Fish finder in the back of the boat - Hummingbird Asking $14,000
  9. I didn't inspect the docks i just did a drive by and I didn't notice any damage.
  10. The area were you dock is still ice covered. The river had a lot of ice chunks and sections of it was still ice covered but looked thin and will probably be broken up by the end of this week with the warm weather conditions there predicting.
  11. I stop up there today and the ramp area out to the lake is clear.
  12. What are the hours of the event? would love to make it. Thanks
  13. Hello Everyone, i want to replace the defroster fans in my cab window. i currently have a defroster fans on port and starboard side of the windows. they are heater/fans and they don't work at all. any suggestions on what to buy. would a plastic marine fans work? is there a heater/fan options? i look on several websites and didn't see really any options. thanks
  14. We were 3/5 in 2 hours this morning out in front of the little salmon. Then the lake got really nasty and we pack it in. All F/F 70-90 fow Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Hello, I'm going on my buddies boat tomorrow fishing for walleyes in Oneida lake. Any tips on fishing for walleye on this lake. Never really fish this lake so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patrick
  16. Yeah i already talk to him and sounds like its sold. Bad timing on my part.
  17. Hello, Looking to get back into Lake Ontario Fishing after a couple years off. Very serious of buying a boat ASAP. Looking for a USED 24' - 27' Penn Yann or Baha. I'm having a hard time finding anything in that range. Anybody have any websites that sell used boats on please let me know. The only ones that i check out is Craiglist - syracuse. rochester and buffalo and mikes marina. You can email me at [email protected] Thanks Patrick
  18. thanks guys, bottom feeder, ill be back in a few years. dont catch all the fish while im gone.
  19. InTheBox


    anybody been bullhead fishing yet? any reports around mexico bay? thanks
  20. Hello, i sold my boat last year and going to buy a smaller one next year. in the meantime what is the best way to store tackle, reels and poles so they dont rust etc. should i oil the reels? tackle would it be ok to leave them in the tackle boxes with mositer absorbers? thanks for any input. Pat
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