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  1. I don't know about that? Mine was a 97. If I ever bought another Lund I'll buy a good used one. New is out of my price range anymore. I priced a new Fisherman last year with a 130 Honda and the dealer quoted me 31K. They sure hold their value though. Resale value is an important factor when choosing a boat, I think. I sold mine on ebay and had all kinds of bids. If you look for one, make sure it has the stand up top and curtains.
  2. OK....Billy is on my list. I appriciate all the input, Really. Thank you! I have a good idea of the marinas to visit. I'll check each one out. Can't wait till this Ice melts! Rod
  3. What do you guys think of this unit. Anyone have one? I'm thinking of purchasing this but I'd like to hear a review or two. My other question is A SeaTalk or NMEA 0183 compatible GPS receiver is required for autopilot operation. Does a Garmin 168 gps fit this application? What's NMEA 0183 compatible? Thanks, Rod
  4. Reel, I loved my 18ft Lund Fisherman for just the type of fishing you do. I fished the lake & St Lawrence spring summer & fall. Fished the Salmon river estuary in the fall, used it in the bays and the ocean In NJ. Had it down in the Florida Keys, the Atlantic side and the Gulf side, fished shad with it in the Delaware river, had it in the Chesapeke Bay, took it up to a couple lakes in Canada. What a great all around boat Lund makes! I just sold it and went to two boats cause 18 ft. Alum. is a bit small for fishing lake O every week, but I miss it already! Good luck in your search. Rod
  5. I'm getting sooooooo confused! Reel Magic, I know what your saying about the run from stoney to the trench in the wind. Got caught in the trench in my 18ft when the w wind kicked up and nearly soiled my shorts getting back. Had to go out...then back in. It was only my second trip out on the big pond and I'll never forget it. Lesson learned!
  6. Thanks Roadrash. Rich pm'd me and said the same thing. I've never exited HH, so I was totally unaware of this problem. I know where the cut is by looking on my chart. It looks like I'd have to go at least 4 miles total out of my way, probably a bit more. In looking at my map, that makes Hidden Harbor Marina a better choice. If they have anything available? I'll call this week. I know the Stony Creek marina, and I'll keep that in mind, along with the marina on Association Island. I'm glad I asked for help! Rod
  7. I have a 24 ft. Sea Ray flybridge that I am setting up for the lake. It's never been used as a fishing boat so I'm pretty much setting it up from scratch. I sold all my electronics, riggers, etc. with my last boat, so I need it all. With such a large nut to spend, I'm wondering where I should buy top of the line and where I can get by with a little less to start with,and upgrade in a year or two. I have a garmin gps installed and a Super Ski planer board and mast...and that's it. I'm thinking I should spend a little more on a furuno ff and a little less on the riggers to start. I have never used a Walker...are they crap or would they be alright to start with? Cabelas has a good special on them. Walker coho electric riggers are only $289 with a free walker 8.5 ft downrigger pole. Seems cheap. They crank 200 ft per min...not super sonic but faster than I can crank a manual:) What do you think? Any advise on setting up the boat would be greatly appriciated. I'm all ears! Thanks!! Rod
  8. Many thanks! I wish I could get out west. I've yet to get out there and the way everyone talks its's awesome. Boat may not be ready yet though. I have lots of rigging and setting up to do. It's never been set up as a fishing boat so I have a lot to do but If I get it rigged in time I'm going. Thanks for the directions. Rod
  9. Thanks a lot for the leads guys. I will check each one of them out and see which one works out best. It costs what it costs and based on your advise I guess I should look into a covered slip. Where about is LOMM? I know where Hidden Harbor is and I think I know Cornells. Maybe you can teach me a little about the area Rich? Hey Paul....Of coarse I remember you. I really enjoyed fishing with you! I fished the lake mostly out of my Lund 18 ft Fisherman last year but It was too small for how often I fished the lake. I've decided I'm addicted so I sold the Lund and got the Sea Ray and a Ranger bass boat for the river. I like the Sea Ray except for the engine box.....It has twin I/O's and the engine box takes up a lot of room, but I like the twin screw so I'll deal with it. It ain't Lou's Penn Yan, but It's mine and it's paid for:) Maybe we'll be able to fish together again this year? Rod
  10. Thanks guys! I've never tried j plugs for lakers. In fact, I've never tried anything but cowbells and a peanut or a spin n glow. I'll pull some J plugs around this summer and see how they compare. Rod K
  11. Thanks guys. You think I should look for covered? This is my first year getting a slip on the lake, so your advise is appriciated. This is my first designated "lake boat". I'm stoked about the prospect of not only having a bigger boat, but not hauling to to and from the lake every time. My wife is not so pleased about it, cause I already rent a slip on the St. Lawrence for my bass boat. That being said, price does matter, at least to some degree. I searched the internet, but only found one place on associated island ( I think?). It seemed real nice, but the slips were 12 to 14 hundred for a 24 foot for the season, and I'd like to do a little better if I can. Also, I'd think closer to the trench would be better, since the open lake will always be my destination. I'll be heading up in a few weeks to visit marinas and secure a slip, so any help will be much appriciated! Thanks again guys. Rod K
  12. Anyone know of a good marina that may have slips available in the Henderson Harbor area? Thanks, Rod
  13. I'll second that. Lou is a good man to fish with. Nice boat, good equipment and an all around good guy. I fished several times on Horsin Around with him last year. Good luck in the spring derby Lou! Rod Keyser
  14. Hey all, the new site is awesome...terrific job!! My name is Rod keyser and I fish out of a Sea Ray 240 flybridge with twin I/O's. It's a new boat to me, so setting it up is gonna be fun all in itself. Mostly I fish the Henderson area down to Mexico. I've only been fishing the lake for 3 years, but all of you that give so much of yourself on this site has made my experience on the lake sooo much better. Really, I can't tell you all how much I appriciate this site. I'm from Pa, but I spend the summer in the 1000 islands, Ny. The boat name is Rod Addiction, and I hope to see some of you on the water. Thanks again!! Rod K.
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