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  1. hangs head i knew that lol thank you
  2. can you still get the atomic b-fly? years ago i bought a bunch in bulk and i am down to 4 now. i have been all over his site and i cant find the b fly just the live b fly. if it is still made what is the T# for ordering?
  3. another vote for marked braid line i use 20lb tuff line indicator braid $25 for a 300 yrd spool 3 colours, with each colour changing every 10 feet. i was kinda worried about the reports of colour fading but 3 years of use and no fading on either of the two reels i have it on
  4. i thought people might find this interesting. i dropped a northport sunfire to the bottom in 75ft. the orange still shines bright even though it's supposed to disappear in at 50 from what i have been told. waterwolf camera, flat water with high sun
  5. if you can't fix it with a hammer you got an electrical problem karma it's only a bit*h if you are
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