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  1. We boated 8 tigers on sunday biggest was a fat 34 incher. The rest were smaller all under 30 inches. Bucktail spinners did the job. I am not sure how to post pic's on here.
  2. I didnt mean to double post. I am not sure how to remove ine
  3. Managed to get 3 tigers this morning two decent ones in the mid 30's and one smaller one. All fish hit a bucktail spinner. In 10 to 12. Fow.
  4. Managed to get 3 tigers this morning two decent ones in the mid 30's and one smaller one. All fish hit a bucktail spinner. In 10 to 12. Fow.
  5. Wasnt much of a technique involved. I was throwing a senko for bass and the tiger hit it. I threw bucktail spinners looking for tigers but didnt even get a follow.
  6. We got out this morning. Managed 1 tiger 34 inches. It hit a senko. We did catch alot of nice bass both large and smallmouth. It was pretty windy this morning.
  7. I had about 60 some spots 62. I didn't notice any weeds showing yet.
  8. Hey Justin, Do you know of any body having any luck catching bullhead or catfish in otisco ? We have never tried otisco for them but thought about comming up one night and giving it a shot.
  9. Fished otisco this morning. We didn't have any luck with the tigers. But caught a bunch of some good size bass both smallmouth and large mouth. But not even a follow from a tiger.
  10. Hey justin what net do you have ? I am looking for a decent net for tigers.
  11. Good morning for tigers. We caught six tigers. Lost 3 others. Most of them up on the north end on spinnerbaits. Biggest one was 32 inches.
  12. On the north end roughly across the lake from the restarant. In about 10 fow.
  13. Fished otisco today. We caught two tigers biggest one around 28 inches. We had a few other followers and we seen a couple swimming on top with their heads out of the water. First time i have seen that. Both fish came on spinnerbaits. Bass fishing was pretty slow. I cannot figure out how to post pics on here.
  14. Lol. I doubt that. I wasnt even their. But i heard she was pretty excited.
  15. My step mother caught her first tiger yesterday at otisco. About 7 pounds. Nothing huge but a nice fish. She caught it on the north end near the restarant on a small square billed crankbait. She was pretty excited !!
  16. i have tried various techniques with no takers. I did get a 30 inch tiger musky last weekend though,
  17. I fish otisco and I cant figure out how to catch walleye there.
  18. do the cat fish start biting this early in the river I have never fished for them untill summer ?
  19. We have been trying to catch them at night and during the day with no luck. The trout are hitting pretty good though.
  20. I have been trying to get eyes out of otisco at night and during the day with no luck at all. I have not tried owasco for eyes.
  21. bosco thanks for the info. I have heard people run them up there. I havent really tried them yet. There is alot of forage in that lake if can be tough to fish. But I guess thats how you get such big fish in a small lake.
  22. Been fishing otisco the last few weekends. Been doing well on bass mostly smallmouths along both shore lines on senkos and crankbaits. the browns have been hitting well lately. We have been trying to figure out the walleye and musky but cant seem to get them.
  23. how about 1 dollar Now thats dirt cheap. LOL
  24. June 9 fishing was pretty decent got a few decent large mouths and a couple nice smallies and a ton of rock bass. senkos and crank baits caught the bass. June 18, Very slow today only got a few bass nothing big they just werent hitting for us. My brother hooked a small musky that got to the boat and took one last run and broke it off probably was around 25 inches and skinny, I heard they had a good size bass tourney up there saturday so I wonder if that had anything to do wtih the slow bite today.
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