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  1. Spoons

    Spring Cleaning - Trolling Spoons plus storage box with dividers.


    Left row (mag spoons mix),  Center row (Stinger stingrays, standard mix), Right row (reg size spoons mix).


    50 total spoons -  $100  +  buyer pays shipping costs.




  2. had dipsys on a 2 setting.  move them around and find what works.  we use 30 wire to a dipsy - size 1 run a 10 ft lead (20 lb flouro)


    marked bait and fish 70-100 down today pretty consistently.  some mark higher and lower.  but majority in that range.

  3. Fished sheldrake area this am. Some good action . Riggers 75-90. Dipsies 200-230. Purple spoons were the ticket today . Bloody.death kevorkian got bunch of hits. Couple nice rainbows . Quite a few lakers and few landlocks. Work in and out 100-250. South troll was better into the waves. Good luck.

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