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  1. Looking for an Observer for the Wayne County Pro-Am. I got food and a camper to sleep in if you need it. We'll be fishing the pre tourny and we'll need the observer to reeel in all those fish on Friday as well. If you know somebody or you want to see what the Pro-Ams are all about just drop me a line here or PM me or give me a call on my cell (585)880-8409. Thanks Jim Thompson
  2. Niagra, First weigh in of my pro-am career, -17.54 points. Measured the laker with the tail spread out , chalk that one up to experience. Oswego, Fishing a great break, points out of the money, fishing with a little scottish guy named Scotty, a lot of you know him, god rest his sole. He's pissing in the bucket near the left corner rigger and the rod pops and is screaming off line. He's yelling (with his scottish accent) grab the rod, grab the rod!!, I wasn't going anywhere near it. We lost the fish and money. the 10 points would have put us in. The same tourny were pulling rods just off the lighthouse and a rod fires. The observer, you all know her, the blonde from Niagra starts counting down seconds till the end of the tourny. 25, 24, 23...I try and hork this pig in to get the points and snap! That fish would have done us well. Pukers, I get em all thank you very little. I even brought one of my own who made me call to tournment control to ask if we could let him off the boat. He jumped 10' from the boat to the dock to get off. One more great one, Niagra again, were close to the money mind you, fishing off the bar, the side rigger goes off and my tournment partner Bill Alhart, God rest his sole too, (fishing with me is definately bad for your health) grabs the line and fights what seems to be a pretty good sized fish. Were thinking $$$, the fish comes to the boat and its the biggest fresh water drum you ever saw, Uglier that Bill himself!!! No money that year either. Money stories: I got nothin', but I'll keep on trying....as long as I can keep some fishing partners alive
  3. Just met Wolf tonight at my place of work. Might have to pull the boat out of Sandy next Tuesday and come over from the west side and represent. Sounds like a good time.
  4. Ronny, Great day man! Work sucks even more when you see pictures like that. Gonna try for an evening bite sometime this week. I'll give you a call. Peace Jim
  5. You know who that prominant fishing mind is. Your in his head all the time. You know some fishing guy from the deep south. Running rebel or something like that. Seriously, learned more from him in two days of fishing than I could have mustered up in five to six years prior. I still leave the steelhead stuff up to wild Bill.
  6. I was reading Jaxs e-mail and it got me thinking of something that happened to me a few years back around this same time of year. It was right after the pro am on Niagra. The tournament did not go that well for me so I came back to Sandy with my tail between my legs. I wasn't going to give up on fishing though so I headed out the next weekend, again around this time of year, and went a bit east to around 80-90 ft of water where people were having a slow pick at best from the radio reports. We were too so I figured that it was just that transition thing in June. Then me and Buck Whitenight, now there is a name from the past, is he still alive? :shock: saw a prominent charter boat captain in tight. Around where Jax thought might be a good place to start for browns. Put a quick shout out to him... you know the normal what are you doing in there sort of thing. His reply was "black and silver, the smaller the better, right near the bottom. Were done because were bored from catching so many fish". Buck and I swung inside and it was rediculous. We honestly had a hard time keeping two rods in the water. All big browns, my biggest to date, and some real nice screamer kings mixed in. Top two or three days I ever had. Might be food for thought. Then again breaking the cardinal rule of don't leave fish to find fish might be tough to break when the fishing has been so good other places a bit deeper. Give me a shout tomorrow if you want to know if its working out. (thompson/thompson) ch72. See you guys on the water tomorrow.
  7. Got out pretty early set up in around 165. My driver, while I was setting up, wasn't paying attention so we ended up on a south troll towards the park. I split the uprights on two other boats who were out there with me. I bet they thought I was still drunk from the night before. I wasn't but my driver was. All this worked out pretty well because we ended up in 75-85 feet and had a preety steady pick for the day. The only real lulls were when the east wind picked up for a bit. NBK was good, caught a few coho and a nice steelie. Cohos were a bit higher 45', steelie was deeper 65'?? Lost a screamer on a spin doc white on white with a no see um. Lost he rig to. crossed the wire line and gone. Caught a nice teenage king on the dipsy out 180, 2.5 setting, and for the life of me I can't remember the lure. Most of the fish came on my quarter diver rigs, speed was 2.5-2.7 GPS, Lots of turs mixed in to the troll. Overall 8 for 12 a real nice day to fish, and I'm glad to be back at Sandy.
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