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  1. When the lake isn't rolling huge waves, off shore 29 line 540 fow and north. Some 2 year olds, and steel are there, but its a hunting game. No Intel to go on when you are that far out and no one is there.

    An afternoon of 4 hours only yielded one 2 year old with six rod spread. Fish hit a spin doctor and fly on a 150 wire diver 2.5 setting. No other hits for spoons or dodgers. This was Tuesday this week.

    Just gotta find a day without crazy water this time of year. Kinda few and far between.

    I know I should be hunting but my buddy wants to fish one last time out of Oak for the year.  Any reports or Tips.  Should we not waste our time?



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  2. If you can head to deep water straight out you can find decent numbers of mature kings, 2 year olds, and steelhead.
    A down speed indicator is very highly recommended, since currents out there have been very wild.
    Start at 29N / 30N and troll north. Look to 34N. When you find fish or hit some stick on it.
    Familiar bite has been good on teaser flasher rigs. Mag spoons work, spin docs and flies.
    Spread your depth out. Some active fish are coming above the preferred normal Temps, but keep some of you stuff in the 46 to 52 degree range.
    Thats been the case for the past week. Good luck!

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  3. Actually, those are a combination of downrigger arms and clamp on planer reels.

    The reels themselves are Super Ski, and have had them for a couple decades.

    The 2 foot arms are from Proos manual down riggers. The swivel heads work pretty nice. Keeps the line coming straight in and out.

    I just used stainless hose clamps to secure the arms in place.

    What brand are those planer reel setups clamped to the rails?


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  4. Nice job.  I need a bigger boat.  I have to fish inside water.
    That day you could have been in a row boat! It was very calm on Saturday. Tuesday was not calm and even could have used a longer hull to run the waves quicker on the way back. I think most times with that close chop a full deep V more than 27 feet would be a bit better for speed. Mine is 22 on the running hull and it is a modified deep V. Its a good compromise for trolling speed stability, but suffers on running speed. I couldn't manage more than 17 mph without launching on the type of wave set that was there Tuesday. Very hard ride and not fast enough to plane all the way out. Just the opposite was Saturday and any boat would have had a nice time out there next to Canada.

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    Had a spectacular morning with my friend Steve out of Point Breeze today. We fished way offshore in 600 feet of water and found some nice mature king salmon. We boxed a limit of 6 for the 2 of us, and most of the fish came from 70 to 90 feet down on various baits. Everything caught the salmon that was on the 6 rod spread. Spoons on downriggers, spin doctors and flys on divers out 200 and 240, 400 ft copper with flasher and herring strip.

    The ride was long out and back near the Canadian fence, but was a largely flat sea condition and the day was very comfortable. That was this past Saturday.

    Things hadn't changed onTuesday, same program, same area off-shore, same set up, and had four 2 year olds, a nice steelhead a really good screamer on the 400 copper meat rig but lost it halfway up the copper, all jn the morning. Then it got pretty uncomfortable out there with the west southwest wind building and it took us an hour of pounding to get back to Port. Offshore remains good if you got the gas and the time to run, and a fish hawk is pretty useful out there as the down currents were crazy strong. You go like a snail one way, and turn, and run like a rabbit the other Way. Fish on!



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  6. Here's something about the Fish Hawk probe that might find you wondering why the probe isn't sending info suddenly. Yesterday mine quit sending depth speed and temp. Surface was there cause it reads from the transducer on the hull.

    What I found was one of the batteries from the 4 battery carrier pod, lost contact with one battery. It popped out of the spring retainer contact while running inside the probe.

    It did it twice! I then wrapped the whole carrier with a band of electrical tape to keep the battery from jumping out.

    Problem solved!


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  7. Took advantage of a calmer afternoon to take a solo run. Ran over the zombie salmon at the jetty and went 10 miles offshore to find steelhead and minor salmon. Found a few, went 3 for 4 and kept 2. Stan Kulak Trinidad Tackle 9 inch dodger and fly took the steelhead on 400 copper. The salmon came on a Moonshine geezer at 80 down on the probe rigger. 65 degrees surface at the 30.5 line and 50 degrees 80 feet down. Came back in at sunset. It was a great afternoon to be on the lake. Likely will be next spring before the Stand & Deliver hits the lake again...unless there's Erie perch time in the works. 20181003_173329.jpg20181003_184203.jpg20181003_174147.jpg20181003_184525.jpg20181003_172824.jpg20181003_194758.jpg


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  8. Good going Mark and nice report. It sure doesn't get easier these days getting pounded on the way back in out thtere does it?[emoji2]
    You're right about that, I feel it today in my lower back. The trolling was worse than the running out and back. Kind of a washing machine, and I think I was in the drier without the heat, cause I wasn't dry at least on the left side of me going south...lol! The Black North had nice cold beer and a 1/2 lb Portabello swiss burger for me to rejuvenate with!

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  9. I almost went today but was breezy at my house...... how snotty was it offshore today?......

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    It was a a bit unruly with a cross chop. Solid 3s and some close to 4 foot. Only could manage about 17 mph without flying. Trolling was a challenge alone with the wind. Pretty strong currents down deep. Mostly the waves were coming out of the east but they were oddly spaced. Sure was a long ride and my back is telling me!

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  10. A little bumpy today, but managed a limit of steelhead and salmon on a solo run well offshore out of Point Breeze. Played with the staging kings in front of the wall, but they were sulking in warm water and not very interested. 8:15 am picked everything and ran to 28 line. Trolled around east and west and north to 29.2. Had good steelhead action 28.7 to 29, and went 2 for 3 on them and one 2 year old king. Moonshine hotlips RV was hot on the steelhead as was a green dot dalmatian flasher and fly and the salmon took the Moonshine also. All fish came from 75 to 100 feet down. Came in at noon.20180920_100922.jpg


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  11. Stacking waves are dangerous and they happen without a lot of warning. I have seen them go 1.5 to double the normal set. A 4 foot wave suddenly becomes 7 or 8 and usually settles once, then rears up and curls over in a frothing rush. Had one once at the stern of my heavy fiberglass center console with the integral stern drive. It curled over the motors, into the well and over the stern cap. 3 to 4 inches of water in the deck area. Scuppers handled it, but that was enough of that. It was one of 2 waves that just seemed to appear from nothing. Heaped up and rogue. FX Shawn was fishing with me and that was out of golden hills that day. Very sad for these two men, and wish that it wasn't the tragedy it was.

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  12. Out of Point Breeze Monday morning, my good friends Marc, and Franz Leinders, Franz's friend Mike and my friend Douglas Tranello, all had a turn at reeling some salmon and trout today. Our fishing was a bit slow today, but some quality kings came to the net. Sure was warm out there! We ran down west to Shadigee, and then trolled north late in the day to look for more stable thermocline. We did finally pick a second, and nice 20 lb salmon going north into the deeper water at early afternoon. One more smaller king for Mike just before the storm came and caused us to pack up quick. Good to see all my old friends and meet Mike for the first time!

    42 second gold mag spoon down 80/85 was best of 7 rods in. However everything else did take hits, just slowly. Meat, flasher fly, spin doctor fly. Lots of marks in 150 fow, but seemed to be largely non responsive and streaking through. Pulled the middle rigger and replaced with 100 foot stealth copper to keep the disturbance down with balls and cable and that helped. Storm was coming and had to pull the plug quick.



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