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  1. 3 years of awsome perch fishing from my boat in my marina. About 4 comarants moved in for a couple days. Havent caught another since. I hate them. PS. I thought the gobies were indigestable for our resident fish and birds. Thus the piles of dead gamefish and birds that washed up on the shores of lake erie afew years ago when they were first discovered???
  2. Actions good. When you find them. Got a couple this weekend in a couple hours. probably would have got more if I didnt waste time in 50ft of water when they were hanging about in 28-40.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought I was getting ganged up on !!! lol.
  4. I caught a couple nice kings this year in about 30 ft of water 15ft down on rigger. The other one on a flatline chartruse J-13. Dont worrry about an exact location 'cause there never in the same spot the next day. The temp is changeing daily and thats what they follow ...in theory. Ive been posting on the south shore forum. The browns are in 4-15ft of water. Good luck!
  5. Only fished for 2hrs same baits and depths as yesterday. Great temp changes aprox 2 degrees at 30 ft mark. Not a hit! What up.? On a side note ...whats the word on live release? fact or fiction? I think Ive revived fish long enough when they kick out of my hands and swim away. Do they die still?
  6. Snuck out for a quick fish today. got a monster king as soon as I lowered the rigger. gold with black dot spoon. 15ft down in 30ft of water. 40 yards straight back. Sorry no pics. Wife had the camera. I'm doing live release these days espesially on the big ones. Once i pul out the smoker and check for the supplies Ill do up a few mid size fish. Was a great feeling, been a while for a big one. anyone else getting anything?
  7. maybe Im stating the obvious, but... time for some new techniques and colors for spring browns???
  8. First sun burn.. first fish! 11am till 3pm fished the mouth of fortymile creek. 8ft to 30ft. chartruse and silver J-13. went one for one. but what a great one. got hiim in 25 ft. temp was only changing from 45 to 46.5 in that area. mostly 46. I hope it gets better than this but it was still better than working today. Hook set going down hard bad netting the king My other brother Daryl. lol
  9. I know Grimsby is not north side so I post my reports on the South side forum. But I hear tolk of Grimsby on this one so I'll post here too. Sunday off Grimsby and 40mile creek. 4-5ft swell. could only fish 15-20ft of water. Stick baits and long straight back lines. 38-41temps. 2hrs of rocking and skunked. Went out at 1pm. The boat coming in said they had a hit. thats all. Seems crappy! Walt
  10. Yea! Im sure that some fish are being taken. Dont be fooled by " the grass is always greener on the otherside of the fence." Its looking much greener on your side right now. But, the weather was stinky on Sunday. I'll post my results truthfully. Its lonley fishing out here.
  11. First time out on Sunday. Should have went Saturday. Water was calm. Sunday had 4-5ft swells which I presume would scatter fish. It was restricting for getting closer than 15ft of water. Long lines and J13's 2hours and nothing. I noticed no one talks about South shore West of Niagara. I'll try to be that guy. I thinks its helpful to get reports of where the fish are moving in this huge lake. I'm no pro staffer but I'll try to keep up on the proper lingo. This is a great Forum, thanks to all involved. Walt
  12. Hi, I'm Walt out of Grimsby ont. What exactly are you looking for when you talk about the temp break. I'm kind of new to this surface temp analizing.
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