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  1. Figured I would bump it once before I make a utility trailer out of it.
  2. what year is it , do you have more pics?
  3. If we find some I will bring up some up with us.
  4. We are gunna try something new this spring and go to Oneida for a weekend. Does anyone have info that they would be willing to share with me? Just looking for the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND HOW. Thanks in advance!
  5. If anyone wants pics I will e mail them. I cant get them to post here.
  6. 1985 single axel with surge brakes & rollers.GVWR 3000 LBS. I used it to tow my Penn Yan. $1000.00. I will put brand new tires on it for whome ever buys it.
  7. Just try that link and take a look of the pics. http://s275.photobucket.com/albums/jj30 ... /?start=60
  8. Ok ill try it again......http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj30 ... C00326.jpg
  9. Here is what I did to my 66 Penn Yan. It came out nice I think. Too bad she is laying in a field now.
  10. Thanks everyone! I always wanted a Trophy. My fifst time trolling (when I was 16) I saw one and knew it was my boat. I got this one when I was 26, Iam 29 now. I love it! It could be bigger but you know how that goes. We usually fish out of Oswego and Sampson on Seneca. I do use a kicker sometime. I have a Merc 9.9 4 stroke that helps on some days. Usually we dont bother with it. I always put out the drift bags tho. Its good to keep the rpm's up some, you get more water flow and higher oil preassure which cant be a bad thing. The bags also give us a better ride when we are trolling in 3-4 footers. As far as setting up the boat it all fell into place. If anyone has a question or any idaes on how they set up their Trophy cantact me. Ive worked on a few of them in the past.
  11. YUPPER That was the package i remember. THANKS! Guess I will have a tough time to find them.
  12. I got them in a small store near Sampson State Park a few years ago. I thought they were Tameron spoons but they arent stamped on the back side. http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj30 ... 0_0509.jpg
  13. Leaders are fine as said above, also it doesnt hurt to have a few rigs spooled with light line anyway, sometimes thats the ticket for those slow days when the kings arent active. Its also a blast fighting kings on light line.
  14. TOUGH AND ROUGH! First off I wanna say thanks Home Office,Lucky Dutchman, Goin Again and his brother and who ever else I met on the green dock this weekend. I had a good time talkin to everyone. Its nice to start building some good relationships up on the pond. Fishing wasnt what my crew had planned on but we did have a few Browns to fall back on. As we all know around 100 FOW towards the east. We got 2 on a glow NK28 with a green ladderback on the copper, not sure how deep it was due to loosing some from tangles Its almost a full spool on a Okuma Convector CV55 SS. The others came on a Moonshine NBK lookin thing. I forgot the name. All fish were 5 lbs give or take. If ya wernt up there this weekend ya didnt miss much, some thunder lightning wind rain and, o yea waterspouts [email protected]#!$#%*&*. Anyway we are planning to come back in 2 weeks hope everyone stays well and finds the DAMN salmon. Keep me posted! Thanks............ Newfoundland,Pa - Oswego,Ny Gone fishin' , be back for deer season............
  15. First off I wanna say I was glad to put some faces to the names here. Great to meet everyone we talked with. Second FLYS FLYS FLYS. We didnt place with any fish but we put enough on to keep busy all weekend. Also had enough beer and food for the next month. Well maybe just the food part. Anyway congrats to all who placed! We will see everyone next year! Team Bling Sportfishing and now AKA "ATOMMIK Justin"
  16. Sounds like a plan. It looks like we will be there Friday morning. Just the wife and I. Everyone else that was gunna fish with us bailed. We took 4th on a Bow last year. Hope to see good weather, tight linea and heavy coolers. I really like beer ! Ithica apracot wheat HINT HINT. Cant get it here in PA. Anyway I hope to see some of you around the lake! Good luck and have a safe trip everyone! 2004 Trophy 1802 (dark green) 2001 Ford F350 Deisel (red) 2 dogs the wife and me .......................
  17. We will be running out of Sampson. We are at site 313 in loop 6. Green Trophy 1802. Stop in for a beer.
  18. We hope to see something like that next weekend!!!!
  19. You can hook up as many as you want as long as you put a wire to aal of them.
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