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  1. Depth Raider replacement probe Hi guys, anyone have a Depth Raider replacement probe they want to get rid of for a decent price? [email protected] or 585-770-3121 Thanks!
  2. Hi, still have the gun case? I work in Henrietta.
  3. Hi Lance, how come you were selling this boat? Been looking at them. Live in Rochester and fish Ontario pretty heavy. Did you sell her? Like her? Any info appreciated. Thank you! Mike D
  4. I have a cross beam (Rail Mount) the downriggers mount to that was on my Lund. Goes across the back of the boat. call or text me Mike 585-770-3121 Measures out just a hair over 81 inches
  5. mdryer

    Hot n Tot for Browns

  6. Hi guys Anyone ever try using Hot nTot for Browns in the spring? Thanks
  7. The little fin between the tail and the dorsal fin. Hatchery's clip it off so you know it is a hachery fish
  8. Hi GUys, i have a 17 Lund Fisherman. Last trip out my electronics GPS and Fishfinder starting shutting off. I thought the battery died and swapped it out with a fresh one while fishing. Same issue. I tested the batteries and they are fine! New Battery and the main power switch looks dim when i turn it on and my FF blinks in and out. No prob starting the boat though. Any ideas? Appreciate any help guys MDryer
  9. where is the Scotch Bonnet ridway?
  10. Nice job! how deep your running for the King?
  11. mdryer

    Outdoorsmen, help me ID

    The spider had a very bad day Rick!!!!
  12. mdryer

    Outdoorsmen, help me ID

    Thanks Fellas!
  13. mdryer

    Outdoorsmen, help me ID

    Hey Guys, saw this SOB in my Garage yesterday. What kind of spider is it? any help would be great, thanks!!!!
  14. These reports are great, almost feel like i'm there! Thx man