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  1. Do u know of any good spots to try out in the area
  2. Anyone know of a good spot to go frogin.we went to rattlesnake gulch today but lots of small frogs.I'm in the Syracuse area
  3. i dont have a problem with keeping small fish i kept two under ten saturday,i just wanted to know if i was to throw them back what was the chance they would pack some pounds on and ad to the population of big boys out there.thanks for the replies
  4. i guess i was thinking that the small fish under 15 are what? 1-2 yrs old.so if we put more of them back there would be more 20-30lb 3 yr olds next yr. so what is the average age of a salmon when they go up the rivers?
  5. I dont get to go out as much as i would like,and know that everyone spends alot of money to chase these salmon around the lake.my question is why is there so many small fish in the 7-15lb range being kept?is it too hard for these fish to be released because the strain put on them bringing them to the boat?i know very little about the fishery but i would think like all fish if you put them back they will just get bigger.whats your thought?
  6. just wanted to know what u guys thought.should i run my power straight from the batteries or run through the fuse panel ?there is a inline fuse installed on the power cord if that matters
  7. looking for a power cord for a depth raider,anybody know where to find one by sat
  8. thanks, i am going to take the gauge out and try to blow the back out,will let u know
  9. i took my boat out for the first time last night and the water pressure gauge is not working,i checked the hose and it was pumping water,so i took the hose of the back of the motor and that is pumping water fine.A buddy told me to take the gauge out and see if anything is caught inside.but i would like to know if there is supposed to be air or water in that line?i was reading on another forum that there should be air not water in the line.THANKS
  10. YodaMage do u have a picture of this set up with the 3"x3" angle aluminum?I kind of have an idea of it but not sure.and when u say angle the transducer down will that increase the chance of it getting knocked off because it will be below the boat more?
  11. i have a 18.5ft tracker targa and would like to install two units,one on the dash and one on the bow.i had them on last yr and had a rooster tail off one transducer and the side imaging only worked on the starboard side because of the motor.I would like them done the right way, and will bring the boat to you if i need to.I live in north syracuse.they are humminbird
  12. just go ask some of the farmers that get 35 permits each year to drive around in there tractors and kill them to put in a pile to rot.but i should get the ticket because i want to fill the freezer and get use of the deer.or go up the road from him and ask that farmer for 1 of his 25 permits he gets to do the same thing.but im doing harm to the population with 2 bucks right?and im within 3mi of both farms, makes sense to me.
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