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  1. chances are ill be launching somewhere near cedar point state park. I might be buying a 12' aluminum john boat with a decent outboard. If I don't ill definitely be renting. I'm not to familiar with using jigs but I'll give it a shot. What about simple jig heads tipped with small shiners or night crawlers?
  2. LOL You're a tricky one! I said other than this guy. I said that just cause I don't have an ebay account and won't have enough time before the auction closes. Was hoping someone knew of a tackle shop or something.
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/Bomber-Long-A-Float ... dZViewItem FOUND IT! Now, if ANYONE, knows where I can buy one of these, other than this guy, I would be forever indebted in you. Hell, 5 dollar reward to the lucky guy who can perform this feat.
  4. A very long time ago, close to 5 or 6 years, probably more, Bomber used to make a very very nice lure. It was called the blue bomber, it was a rapala style lure. Here's the catch. It was sold in a combo deal, it came with this strange red and black spinner. Short fat heavy lead body with big round red blade. I don't know how many of you have seen it and out of those guys remember but I'm trying my best to find one of these lures. It caught me more pike than anything. I've been searching online for a bit now but no luck. Any ideas, tips, or owners here?
  5. I've never actually went walleye fishing. I caught 2 by accident in the Erie Canal a few years back on night crawlers and a minnow. I'm going to the isles and was wondering what works up there? My dad and alot of guys I talk to always say they try to catch them but rarely succeed. I know people catch them though cause I've heard that too. They taste dang good to boot. Any tips on where to go, tackle, etc would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Anyone know of good boat rentals in the 1000 islands area? I need a boat that can accomodate 4-5 people with equipment and be stable enough to stand up in without too much risk tippin the whole boat.
  7. About 2 or 3 summers ago me and my dad caught over 30 total in about 3 hours of fishing using a combination of worms, minnows, and black tube jigs. For some reason black tube jigs are just nasty for bass. I was using about a 2 foot lead.
  8. My names Tom. I'm 16, and I'm from Rochester. I've grown up fishing, going everywhere from the 1000 islands to Black Creek to the Genesee River. I love fishing, any time of the year that I can stand to be outside. In the past couple years I've taken a strong affection to catching carp and catfish because of the great fight they put up, but my all time favorite fish to catch is Northerns. Currently I am in the process of planning my very first fishing trip, everything from the campsite and food to a boat rental. My destination is the 1000 islands, a place I haven't been to in over 5 years and that I do so love being at. Every fishermen has one memerable event, one outing that sticks out more than any other, I'd like to share. October 2001 I caught my first and only Muskie in the Ottawa River in canada. 43 inches and 25 pounds. Cheers, Tom
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