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  1. Might take a look. Don't know when or for how long I'll be home for sure yet.
  2. Gotcha. My dad said some of his buddies were pulling out 10-20 lb fish while bass fishing the year before last.
  3. Outstanding fish. I'm hoping to hook into some at least that size. How are the Tiger Muskies in terms of numbers and size in comparison to the pike in Conesus? I hooked one about 6" shorter than the fish in the picture and broke him off on the hookset.
  4. PM'd you back. I'm guessing the fish start moving into the 12 ft or less range around then? The water should be fairly cool come mid october, it's a shallow lake. I'm thinking about buying some good top waters. Phantom makes one called the Viper and it has absolutely raving reviews.
  5. I'm from Rochester, NY and have fished Conesus several times in my life. Most recently when I was home on leave in July (I'm in the Marine Corps, currently in Jacksonville, NC). I caught my first ever Tiger Muskie in Conesus while I was home, but only 22" and lost one that was a bit bigger. I'm coming home in mid october and want to get out and try for some big pike and tigers. I was wondering what lures you guys use in the fall, what depths, and what areas. I was fishing the north end, I have heard the east side of the lake between 2 points(names slip my mind) is good. Most of my lures are large Bucktails, and a few big cranks. I use a 7ft Heavy spinning rod with 220yds of 30 lb spider stealth.
  6. Very sad to hear about the dead skies. VHS is becoming quite the problem, especially in the 1000 islands area.
  7. Was making a simple statement. I am in favor of C and R as it is.
  8. Pike and muskie taste almost identical to walleye, most fisherman are turned off by the bones. However, if you search on youtube, there is a video that shows you how to fillet the fish to be boneless. More meat than eyes. As for cunningness. Walleyes have pike and bass beat, but not muskie. There are far more walleye caught than muskie, in any body of water. Muskie also posess more stamina than pike.
  9. I don't understand why you'd take an eye over a skie....
  10. Kind of fun? Lords lords man! You're insane! Then again, not everyone shares the muskie fishermans passion.
  11. Oh I'm well aware, I just had nothing to keep it in and wasn't in the mood to do it. I still had another 100 yards of creek to wade through before we were done so I threw it up on the embankment. I'm going again today to the same area and I'm gunna try and catch a few more, hopefully with a higher survival rate.
  12. Yeah, quite disheartening for a pike fisherman, the reason why my expression isn't too jovial, that picture was taking after he kicked the bucket. I put him far up on the embankment for the coons or coyotes to have at, better to put the nutrients back into the ecosystem than simply let him rot in the creek. I'm going to be making a trip to conesus sometime in mid or late october to do some pike and tiger muskie fishing, I'll let you know how it goes. Till then it'll be weekly trips to the black.
  13. Fished the lower section of the river past the falls working our way up from the highway bridge, wading in the creek. The hot lure of the day was a magnum musky killer in Hot Orange. Caught 3 pike, 2 around 20 inches, the other one being 32 inches, not bad for only about 2 feet of water eh? Here's a picture of the 32 incher... very disappointed that he didn't make it. When he grabbed the lure, he sucked it right down and got it all fouled up in the gills. Spent 20 minutes trying to get him on his "fins" but to no avail... As soon as the spinner hit the water he grabbed it, rocketed skyward, dove and ran, and did a few more leaps for me. Was quite the site and in a secluded creek area makes me glad to be a fisherman. Cheers gentleman, fall has only begun and the Esocid fishing will only pick up from here.
  14. No F*#$ing fish. That's the sign they should put across the river. I fished every nook and cranny on the american side using every trick and tactic in my tackle box and a few I picked up while I was up there. Caught nothing but tiny perch and gobies. A buddy of mine hooked a big smallie off of carelton island but lost it. The kicker was the 40" muskie chillin in and around the docks at the marina for my campground. Wouldn't bite a damn thing. Saw a smaller 16" baby muskie monday afternoon, that one wouldn't bite either. Both were tempted with jigs and shiners to no avail. And, just to pour salt in the wound, my last day of fishing was cut short. On the way out a big boat passed by us at a decent speed and caused the already 3 and 4 foot rollers to increase to 7 and 8. We hit the first one, came down, and I smashed my mouth on the wind shield, shattering 3 of the my front teeth and spending the next 3 hours in River View Hospital at A-Bay.
  15. Length isn't too good, but a wide girth. :shock: Chode?
  16. I wanted to get a stainless one, cause I've heard better things about them. how much would a stainless low pitch prop be?
  17. how much are props? I've looked a ta few sites online without much in the way of figures. Not cheap I imagine.
  18. I have a 73 glasston, 16 foot, open bow, and would like to redo the floor this summer. I'm not sure how to go about doing this or how costly it will be. Can anyone who has done this before give me a hand?
  19. Thats odd. My motor, just in gear, is a little too fast. Just in gear its no less than 3mph
  20. Buy a trolling plate, or otherwise you'll need a kicker for sure. My 85hp outboard is too fast for trolling for anything other than pike, muskie, and maybe walleye speed trolling.
  21. I'm going out saturday morning to point breeze with a few family friends. Going to be using the riggers to troll for salmon. Was wondering what the fishing has been like out there lately? This will be a good chance for me to learn how to do some of this stuff. I just bought a boat of my own with riggers so hopefully I can learn how to use them.
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