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  1. Still got nada in my pm box.....as they say inthe Orient, "Sum ting wong?"
  2. He doesn't go to Canada. Would be happy to ship to Canada if you want the Fish-Finder.
  3. West Springfield, Assachusetts. Have a buddy who charters out of Mexico who could bring it up to you if you are interested and in that area.
  4. Unit and transducer are less than 2 years old. I got them thinking I was going to get more into trolling for trout than bass fishing. Didn't happen and I'm moving to a Humminbird HD SI unit more suited to my style of smallmouth fishing. This Furuno is a nice unit and the transducer has temp and speed. All original packaging, cables and manuals included. Asking $550 shipped or best reasonable offer.
  5. Fishing Report Forum Name: TOAD/ Boat: SPOONFED on the Little Salmon: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 22,23,24 August Time on Water: Total of 15 hours Weather: Sunny and Warm /Temp: High 80's Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 1-3 depending on the day Surface Temp: ? Location: Mexico Bay LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): ? =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: 31 Species Breakdown: Kings to 26 LBS, Trophy Cohos to 18lbs, One crossbed King/Coho? Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Me and my friends had one great trip aboard the Spoonfed with Capt Glenn Gervais of REEL ADVENTURE CHARTERS on the Little Salmon. The man put us on some good fish. We couldn't limit out on the third day because we could not fit any more fillets in the coolers. I'm guessing we came back to Assachusetts with close to 180 lbs of fillets. Definitely got our money's worth and I can only say good things about Captain Glenn. Here are some pictures...they speak for themeselves.
  6. Got a response back from Furuno yesterday. I have to admit their support and customer service is top of the line. Unfortunately the size of the box that shows speed and temp or other date cannot be down sized or moved. It is what it is. I think I will make mine smaller by just having it show the temperature. Yesterday my GPS speed was showing 18 MPH which is my top end with three guys in the boat. Paddle wheel on the transducer was reading 12.5. .....so I don't think I'll be using the speed reading on this wonderful unit. Still not getting fish arches as of yesterday.....just blobs. I can and feel the quality of this Furuno 620 and I know it is well put together and will last a long time. I however at this point cannot recommend this unit. My suggestion would be to bite the bullet and buy a higher end Furuno with better features, better resolution and ability to customize more. The resolution (pixel count) and features on this 620 is equivalent to a $200 lower end Humminbird or Lowrance.
  7. quote] I'll buy that crappy Furuno off you to help you out. Give you a good price too! Depreciation is about 50% for used electronics plus another 25% cause it ain't working right. When do you want me to pick it up? Glen Thanks Pal....and I bought it on your recommendation. Still can't figure out how to get the speed on temp to show on the basic screens without switching the entire display. The owners manual sucks. It tells you how to do things but doesn't tell you what those things will actually do for you. After the Memorial Day weekend when things calm down I be taking it out again and giving it another try....but I ain't happy with it at this point. I think I'd rather die from a flesh eating bacterium than sell to to at your discount.
  8. Prop is spoken for pending payment and delivery.
  9. Tested this prop on my boat. Didn't perform as well as the one I replaced or how I expected it to. Prop is brand new. Used it for around two hours on Monday. It will fit Mercy/Mariner 25 and 30 HP 4 stroke outboards 2006 and newer. Mercury QuickSilver Part number QA2192R.....made in the USA 9-3/4 inch diameter 9-1/2 pitch 3 blade right hand. These props go for $100 or more.....asking $75 plus shipping if required.
  10. Thanks for that screen shot stinger. Mine didn't look anything like that. I did want to play with it in my driveway before going out. The owners/installation manual for the transducer said to fire up the unit, turn the paddle wheel and make sure you could see the air temp readout to insure the transducer was working right. However the the owners/installation manual for the 620 itself said not to fire the unit up unless the transducer was in the water because you could ruin the transducer!
  11. I have the Airmar transducer with speed and temp transom mounted. I post back after my next foray and learning experience.
  12. Just mounted a new one on my 18' Lund Alaskan with temp and speed paddle at the transducer. Took it out on a local reservoir to test it out on Monday. Wasn't all that impressed. Yes I still have to learn how to use it and adjust it but the owner's manual in my humble opinion leaves a lot to be desired. There is not a whole lot of explanation about what you are doing when you change settings. Went on line too and found the same depth of information on the Furuno web site. When testing it out I didn't mark any "arches" for fish; just straight lines even though I knew I was over fish. I also don't think it was showing all that it should have been either in the way of fish. Had no problem with it accurately reading the bottom at speed or at troll...that was fine. Could not figure out how to get the speed and temp to show up in the dual or single windows either. There was only a huge separate view that I could call up which took almost all of the room on the screen leaving only about a half inch of of what the fish finder was seeing on the right where I could see speed and temp. Is there a way to get the speed and temp to show on the screen any smaller and in different windows? Pixel count also leaves a lot to be desired compared to the Lowrance and Humminbirds. I'm running an older Humminbird which gives a much sharper/clearer readout. Any suggestions on how to tune this baby? Anyone out there running one and what are your feelings about it? I am going out again Friday armed with a little more information gleaned from the web site and manual....hope I feel better about my investment after another trial run. I'm kinda thinking I bought a pig in a poke based on my first try out. Time and experience may change my mind but at this point any pointers, suggestions or how-to's would be appreciated.
  13. I don't mind the hopping...it's the yelling that concerns me. Spooner can be a bastich...expecially if you lose one! I lost a big brown last spring...
  14. Spoonfed almost killed me a couple of times last year. Heart attack was on the horizon and I told him so. Every King seemed to hit on the wire or copper WAY OUT! Told him I was tuckered to the mas and He said he would throw me overboard if I went down and radio the coordinates to the CG! One day I was so exhausted I couldn't even pick up the fillet carcass bucket to empty it. Good fishing but a bassturd to fish with.
  15. I'll let you know next year when I'm fishing with you Spooner. Last year was a little tough on me fighting one fish and you yelling at me to get another rod with a fish on! What we going to do with a triple or quadruple hits? Might as well go home with all 6 rods bouncing.
  16. Had a great time Glenn...looking forward to the next trip. You da man when it came to finding the fish! It really wasn't right pushing Rich out of the way and grabbing the pole for the big one ...nice fish though! Here is another shot of the fish, Sunday's stringer and one of my supper last night.
  17. Thanks for the welcome guys. I looking forward to setting sail aboard the Spoonfed. Glenn needs to have more class in his boat and I'm it. I find this thread and everyone's opinion interesting and thought provoking. A lot of things are going into the increase in oil prices and the deterioration of American superiority. Lots of valid points brought out in this thread.Plenty of blame to go around for everyone of all persuasions and political affiliation. I'm thinking the whole shebang is a house of cards that is about to come tumbling down. Anyway, fish and enjoy while you can.....and can afford the petrol for your floats. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the big "O" this coming season.
  18. It is not only the instability in the Middle East, Africa and speculators that are driving the price of oil up. A major contributor to the increase in price is the fact that the fed is printing money like a Gatling gun on steroids! This has the effect of devaluing our currency in respect to the rest of the world....we get to buy less with more money. Aren't Mr. Geitner's policies just great?
  19. Just got introduced to this forum by a co-worker. Looks great. Haven't fished Ontario except once last year aboard "Double Trouble Charters" out of Altmar, NY. Did ok but not great. It was early spring and the run was all over and the browns were picking slow. I intend to be bringing my new boat up there as often as possible. I have a Lund Alaskan 18'9", 25HP Mercury tiller model. I love the boat because it is like being in an empty dance hall when fishing....nothing in the way and every accessible. Boat's name is "Toad's Stool". Will be checking in on occasion and maybe posting about my experiences on Quabbin Reservoir in "Marxachusetts". It is my favorite place to fish and many of the techniques used on Ontario also work for the Quabbing which is a very good laker, salmon, rainbow, small-mouth fishery.
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