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  1. I have a Gen 3 HDS 12 and run both of those transducers without the hub. I seldom use the structure scan in the Great Lakes but more in Florida. I use medium chirp setting with the TM 150 and achieve very detailed results trolling. I have twins and the transducers are mounted about twelve inches apart between the motors.
  2. I just purchased one and will be writing a review as well..Darryl was most helpful and answered all of my concerns. I fish Lake Erie until the end of July then I move the boat to Wilson for the rest of the season.
  3. I just purchased one and will be writing a review as well..Darryl was most helpful and answered all of my concerns. I fish Lake Erie until the end of July then I move the boat to Wilson for the rest of the season.
  4. Fifth place in the LOC 33.13 lbs. Point Breaze caught sunday 9/4/2011 flasher and fly, 8 matures boated that day. 1.8 speed 81 down 94 feet of water
  5. Olcott last weekend was good.Their was a fair amount of Majors stacking in 70 to 120 fow. We caught two fish that would have won the Orleans county Derby. We missed the weigh in time Saturday night with a 29.08 lbs. male but went and caught his bigger brother ( The Winner) 30.08 lbs. male Sunday morning in the exact same spot but on a A-Tom-Mik Crazy B$#%h. Both fish seen together in the picture by the leader board with the 29.08 on the left and the 30.08 to the right. We took five majors that morning mainly on Spin doc's with A-Tom-Mik Crazy B#$^h flies and Siggs Green Hyp. Mupped green spoons 7 to 8 ft. above the Spin doc's did well also. Wire dipsey's out 120 ft. in the mornings and early evenings did great at times. Went for a long weekend and finished with 18 majors and several dropped in the close water. Fished also at the 28 line N. for steelies and immature Salmon but managed to pull two Majors out there as well. Lots of Steelies with purple stingers down 20 to 55 doing most of the work and green spoons for the Salmon 55 down in 430 to 500 fow. This is a great fishery but I hope I am not the only guy noticing the worst lamprey problem I have ever seen! Sixty percent of the majors had lampreys on them ( that we disposed of) others had marks. Very few clean fish. Just thought I would share the info.
  6. 8/2 Started at 29 line north a little west of the harbor. Trolled north to the 32 line and went back to the 29. Non stop action but only two majors, both came on sliders at 30ft on the same purple spoon. Lots of three year olds and the rest were a combination of steels and shakers. Also one 7 lb brown, long way out for him. The morning bite was purple and the sliders were catching 10 to 1 until about eleven then it evened out with the best low depth being 62 and 58. Green started doing well in the afternoon. We had several doubles and even a triple. Wire dipsey out 123 and 119 with 42 second spin doctor combo and green hypnotic fired all day as well. My hands are raw because we do not net fish but take extra care in releasing them with pliers at the back of the boat( this is always fun when good portion of the fish exceed ten lbs. especially the Steelhead). All fished were released except the ones that gilled themselves on the lures. Fishing was a 10.5 on a scale of 10! as far as action, but not many majors. Sunday was a little different, big waves from the north and I was the only boat to out in the morning. I could only fish a half day and it took over an hour to get out to the 30 n line. Only five fish in three hours for Sunday, four Steelheads and one two year old (reality check!). The steels came at 58 and 62 but my depth raider was not working and I suspect I was above the bite on Sunday.
  7. Went back to Olcott last weekend. Same program smaller spoons in frog and purple patterns and SD with green Flies when it slowed down. Fished out at the 28 line just north and a little east. 56 to 47 were are best low depths and free floating sliders for the top water. Lots of fish and lots of shakers, which is a good thing. Managed 9 majors( 6 of them on Saturday) and several lost. Bigger fish then last weekend high 20's and two at 30 on the scale. Also two Steelhead in the 15lb range! Caught 42 fish total. Split rings straightened on some of the cheaper spoons. Fast troll 2.8 to 3.6 was best. Only two of us in the boat so we could only run 4 rods. All fish were released for another day! Here are some Pics.
  8. Thanks for the advise! I am only running 17lbs line for my vertical. One more question. How do I post Pics on this site?
  9. I am an X- Charter Captain from Lake Erie and have not fished the Great Lakes in over 12 years. Bought a small boat in July and fished for walleye two days after the boat arrived from E-bay. Decided to try my luck out of Olcott last weekend. My crew used to fish with me years ago, although we have remained in touch we have gone our separate ways. Reunited we headed out to engage in battle with the large lure crushers we missed so much. When did these God Awful Fleas show up? Wow these things make it hard to fish! What is the secret to get these things off the lines? Fished in tight one evening and got ankle beat by the largest swarm of flies I have ever seen. Completely covered my outboard motor, I was concerned that they might fly away with it. Also their was enough weeds and garbage on the top to make a splendid salad topped with shakers for the added touch. Needless to say the inside waters 70 to 130 fow were unproductive for us. Not the case for the outside waters 500 plus. After telling my crew that we would be fishing close to shore we headed out over 15 miles north from the ramp. We ended up with 8 majors and close to 40 fish for the weekend. All majors were caught on stingers in a frog or purple pattern. Three came on sliders before 9:00am around 25 feet. Best depths were 55 to 47 with all the steelhead coming off the sliders. Beyond the 32 line was best. Also we were the only boat working this pocket of fish. Sunday morning before we left was our best day. Four Majors and two three year olds (No Shakers) and a good number of steelhead. Dipsey out 95 to 130 with SD and green flies caught some fish also. All fish were released except for two witch gilled themselves. I have hopefully included some Pics.
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